Dragons – What Are They and Where Do They Come From

how to draw a dragon step-by-step

Dragons rein the fantasy and myth world alike, but one may wonder from where did the dragon saga arise from? Researchers say that the belief in dragon possibly evolved in China, Europe, Australia, and America independently. These winged huge creatures are prevalent across many cultures and are now incorporated in books, movies, and games.

Dragons - What Are They and Where Do They Come From

Many people speculate that these are inspired by real-life animals.


Dragons are depicted having elongated neck or long serpentine bodies similar to a snake. Snakes have fearsome face, sharp fangs, and fabulous figure but everyone fears snake. This fear is rooted deeply in human minds, even after evolution. People of Nigeria are still plagued with snakebites. It has left a psychological mark on their minds. Therefore, the idea of serpentine dragon breathing fire captures their imaginations. It is fear and nothing else.

Nile Crocodile

These are the largest crocodile species with a length of approximately 18 feet. They are natives of sub-Saharan Africa and are capable to move with its trunk elevated off the ground. A colossal lumbering croc may possibly be mistaken to be a dragon.


In primeval times, people discovered dinosaur fossils. It was probably misinterpreted as the remnants of dragons. For example, if you look at the fossilized stegosaurus, it was 14 feet tall and 30 feet wide covered with spikes and plates for defense.


Goannas are lizards found in Australia. In traditional Aboriginal lore, Goannas are vital large figures with razor sharp claws and teeth. When they bite the victim, venom is transferred, which is infectious. In Australia, these gigantic lizards may probably be responsible for dragon saga.


In the past, when humans were encountered with whalebones, they did not know that these creatures were sea-based. The idea of these gigantic animals may have led them assume whales to be predatory. Live whales spend 90% time underwater, so the ancient people had inadequate knowledge about them.


Wolves prowled France in the past and spread terror. Single wolves gained the status of mythological dragons. In China dragon are stretched in the shape of a serpentine and in Europe they are more like mammalian having four legs and wolf-like body.

Dragons are the reflection of human psychology as well as evolution. Basically, dragon myths are universal fears and insecurities, which cannot be tamed.

Dragons - What Are They and Where Do They Come From

In Hobbit movie, the vile dragon Smaug is portrayed as a heartless killer. It is pure imagination, which can be created using drawing app. There are several companies developing apps to make drawing simple and easy on mobile devices and tablets. Learn how to draw a dragon step-by-step and create a monster world.

You can fill the beast with genuine reptilian features and improve your drawing as well as painting skills. Carry your hobby anywhere, draw fantastic dragon pictures, and share them instantly with friends.

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