Drug Addiction: Rehab Is The Only Way Out

Drug addiction affects so many people in the world. Not only those that use drugs, but those that have loved ones that use drugs, or those that have been affected by the actions of a drug addicted person. Drug addiction is a very serious problem but there are ways to fight it. It is definitely not an easy fight but it is worth the work to obtain a better outlook on life for the addicted and the affected. Rehabilitation centers are an important part of the process to get back to a functional state without drug use. A person who has an addiction to drugs can go through some very serious withdrawal symptoms when fighting addiction. This is the reason places like Canadian Addiction Rehab are such an important part of the process.


Detoxifying the body after drug use can get very dangerous. Strong drugs like heroin and prescription opioids can cause severe withdrawal symptoms including; extreme depression, seizures, trouble breathing, hallucinations, stroke, and heart attack and that is only some of the symptoms that may occur. The fact that these symptoms can get so serious is the reason that medications are often used to help people detoxify and lessen the symptoms.

Medications Used to Detoxify

Methadone is one of the most commonly used medications to help with withdrawal symptoms. When users are given this medication, they are generally dosed out. This means that the dose of medicine is lessened to hopefully keep the user from being dependent on the substance used. Sometimes the problem with this medication is that it can become addictive as well and some people will continue to use it for years after utilizing the rehab center. Another medication used is called Buprenorphine. This medication is becoming more widely used over methadone because it does not provide any type of high for the addict. Barbiturates are also used in the detoxification process as a sedative. It can help with anxiety and other symptoms as well as, reduce the chances of having seizures during the process. After you get past this very difficult part of the process, a rehab center will want to have the addict attend therapy sessions. These sessions will help with the psychological aspect of the addiction.


The therapy will begin with just the individual and a psychologist. They assist the addict in identifying triggers that will make the person want to use again. They also try to provide them with different things that take up their time, preventing them from thinking about using. The next part of therapy are group sessions. These allow the person to identify with others in the same situation. It is often easier to deal with something if you know that you aren’t the only one going through it. Lastly, Family sessions can show the addict how they have affected their loved ones and also help the family members identify with what can trigger the use of drugs. Having a large and strong support system is imperative in successfully quitting. However, for some this whole process can become a life-long practice.

The difficulty of the recovery process for addiction should not discourage a person from seeking help. Many people make it out of drug addiction with a good quality of life as long as they are willing to work for their happiness and health.

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