Drunk Celebrities At It Again

Hollywood celebrities are notorious for partying hard. Today, thanks to the advances in mobile recording technology, many celebs’ most embarrassing drunken stupors have been caught on camera for the world to see. There have been so many iconic meme-worthy drunken moments over the past decade, but some just stand above the rest. In this list, we’ll take a look at some of the absolute worst Hollywood drunks caught on camera. So sit back, relax, and let’s relive some magical moments in recent Hollywood history.

Mel Gibson

Who could forget Mel Gibson’s infamous July 28th, 2006, DUI arrest and rant? Gibson’s drunken anti-Semitic rant, where he claimed the Jews were responsible for “all the wars in the world,” instantly tarnished his career. Indeed, many movie critics believe he will never be able to live this incident down. Up until that fateful day, Gibson was one of the most respected actors/directors in all of Hollywood. Even today, movies like Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, and Mad Max are considered classics. To make matters worse for Gibson, he was also caught on numerous occasions verbally abusing his first wife, Robyn Denise Moore, and then physically assaulting his former partner Oksana Grigorieva. Within only a few months, Gibson went from a Hollywood icon to one of the most reviled figures in the entertainment industry. Although it has been reported that Gibson did attend some Alcoholics Anonymous sessions, and although he has had great success directing movies like Apocalypto, nobody’s ever going to forget what he said in 2006.

David Hasselhoff

The popular Baywatch hunk David Hasselhoff looked like a piece of junk in 2007. That’s the year his famous drunk video was released on YouTube. In the video, Hasselhoff’s daughter, Taylor, confronted her father about his drinking problem. All the while, we can clearly see Hasselhoff lying on his bathroom floor sloppily eating a nasty cheeseburger. The video, which has since become a staple of Internet culture, sparked immediate outrage from the psychotherapist community. Hasselhoff apparently wanted Taylor to film him so he could see what full inebriation really looked like for him. Well, although the “Hoff” might not have liked the result, he certainly got a clear visual of what it’s like for him to hit rock bottom.

Lindsay Lohan

Where do we even begin with Lindsay Lohan? This troubled starlet has been arrested for intoxicated driving and reckless behavior so many times it’s kind of hard to keep track. The public first became aware of Lohan’s substance abuse troubles in 2007, when she was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine in Beverly Hills. She was placed in jail for around 84 minutes in Lynnwood, but then released due to “overcrowding.”

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