E-Commerce: Strategy For The Best SEO Practices

E-Commerce: Strategy For The Best SEO Practices

Today, in this competitive world, it is very common that online merchants list their products on website. If there are lots of products then there would be lot of confusion which makes SEO to perform its task with difficulty, visit site to know more. Are they right? Well, honestly speaking there are plenty of techniques which can be considered as best SEO practices:

E-Commerce: Strategy For The Best SEO Practices

Out-of-Stock Items

If the items are not available then you can order the items and inform the prospective clients about the same. You cannot delete or replace the pages in which those items are mentioned. But, if there are some alternative items available instead of demand then you can offer them. The items which are available are shown in stock which the visitor can select it.

Obsolete/Expired Products

If the expired product is replaced with new product then you can direct the link to new product url. But, if there are links related to expired product then you need to simply delete those pages and links in order to avoid any sort of confusion at customer’s end.

Seasonal Products

You can give emphasis on seasonal product and provide information about it. The page contains coming soon URL which contains notification about launch of the product. You can add the year in the url such as website.com/category-sub-category/product-name-2012/ and 301 redirect it to the website.com/category-sub-category/product-name-2013/ version when the new version replaces it.

SEO for New Products

Whenever a new product is launched then the information is provided on website along with internal link. The link of new product appears on Home page. This helps to find the information fast and retrieve content efficiently.

Products Pages

The business is to provide information about various products. There were many instances which correlates existing page with new page to help the user to get required information within fraction of seconds.

  • Popular products: Start to identify the best selling popular product pages and then update it manually.

  • User generated content: You can easily distinguish the duplicate page on web. The way you endorse the product will definitely attract the customer base.

Product Descriptions

Google doesn’t like duplication in content but there is possibility of redundancy in product description of manufacturer. So, you need to read the unique content and then add review about the content. You can also add value to the content in order to raise the quality. Usually, the product descriptions are very dull so you can add interest to product description by using attractive terminology. You can write the product description as if you are telling a story.

Product Variations

Some products are identical but vary in color and sizes. If these products are not handled in right manner then it causes bad ranking and shows wrong url for keywords. For e.g. if the blue jeans url shows red jeans then it is a big blunder. It is necessary to review the website so that such error should not occur.

Category Pages

You need to consider that how to handle the category pages as mentioned below:

  • Category pages: Look at the pages which contains closely related product pages.

  • Add content: You will find some good tips about the article.

  • Build deep-links: Social media involves content marketing, guest blogging and even paid ads.

  • Shared content: You need to share links on Google plus, twitter and other networks.

  • Design Pages: You need to design pages to get it listed in the search engine.

Use search-friendly URLs

You need to provide quick results with strong hints to search engines regarding URL and take into consideration that how this helps the visitor and how useful content can be posted. There are effective ways to provide url for pages such as :

  • Category Page: Website.com/category/

  • Sub-category page: Website.com/category/sub-category/

  • Product page: website.com/category-sub-category/product-name/

Internal Link Building & Architecture

Internal link building provides information to SEO and further helps in ranking. But, you need to create internal link and this can only be done through proper planning with sufficient efforts. There should be way in which user can distinguish between category and subcategory.

User Generated Content

If you need a solid feedback from user then you need to open your mind regarding user opinion whether it is positive or negative. If there are good reviews then certainly the sales gets increased. You need to build the community of happy users which posts their blogs. You need to have positive reviews from customer and the trust factor plays an important part to gain potential customers from existing customers. Media plays an important role in building the trust factor but this can only happen if you are able to get positive reviews from happy users. Instagram, facebook comments and Google +1 act as good media where you can post the photos of happy users. It is better to understand the psychology of customer.

Organize Related Products On The Site

You need to understand that location where you can put information about related product. The product page should give information and compares the product in terms of cost, quality of similar product. You need to provide space to the product and then don’t clutter it with suggestions.

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