Education Is Important For Survival

Education Is Important For Survival


Education is important as it gives one the ability to reason. It makes humans use the ability to read and write in enlightening themselves.


Knowledge is Power

The ultimate fruit of education is knowledge. Education enables one to explore and learn many disciplines ranging from history to mathematics. Knowledge in all these disciplines enables one understands and relate to many aspects of life without much difficult.

Education Is Important For Survival

Most of the human race inequalities originate from lack of education. Educated individuals land not only land good jobs but can use their education to think of many innovative ways to financially empower themselves. They are also in a position to make better and informed choices. Therefore, through education income inequality can be eliminated.  Education can also empower individuals to overcome gender inequalities.

Education Is Important For Survival

Education makes one confident. It makes one not only realize their skills and ability but also gives them insight into maximizing them to their advantage. It broadens their horizon and enables them to look for other avenues their showcase their skills. In overall, they will have improved their quality of life.

Education Improves Human Life

The Knowledge acquired makes one understand their rights as stipulated in the constitution. It makes them aware of human rights. This will enable them to live in harmony with each other while upholding the human values. It will also enable them to liberate themselves from all forms of discrimination.

Access to education has given birth to creative ideas that have simplified human life. The internet is an example of what education does. Creativity ideas have also lead to innovative health ideas. There were diseases in the past that were rendered incurable. However, through research and education, their cures have been discovered and many lives are being saved.

Education Is Important For Survival

Negative climate change is a threat to human life. Access to education enables individuals to have knowledge on how to manage the environment. Like improper disposal of waste due to ignorance results in global warming thereby threatening life. There exist life threatening diseases like Malaria among others, which one can acquire due to ignorance on preventive measures.

Education as a Key to Financial Freedom

Education enables individuals to land better jobs. Better jobs will result to better lives for not only themselves but also their families also families. They will end up having a happy life and live longer as financial freedom will seek better health services.

Access to education by women will enable them to liberate them from husbands who abuse them because of financial inability. They will be able to break free from abusive marriages knowing that they are able to sustain themselves.

Education is security. Educated individuals are in a better position to make better-informed decisions. There have been cases of individuals having wealth but end up mismanaging it due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, an educated individual is at a better position to guard their property, wealth and families. This is also evident by observing the number of businesses close due to bad decision making which arises from the lack of knowledge.

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