Essential Qualities To Expect In An App Developer

Essential Qualities To Expect In An App Developer

It has become the latest trend in the IT field that every developer claims that they are app developers. However, in reality, a coder needs several skills and attributes to become an app developer. It is necessary for the companies to  check the essential and vital qualities of a developer to hire the right resources for their projects.

Primary Traits of The App Developer

Most reliable and experienced app developers will deliver quality work adhering to the timelines.

Further, the developer can understand the complex codes and they can execute any framework with their extensive knowledge in programming.

Hence looking at these fundamental traits every company must decide few things before hiring a resource for their app development project. Therefore they must be ready with a set of questions to assess the best developer for their apps and project implementation.

Essential Qualities To Expect  In An App Developer

Top 5 Questions To Be Asked To An App Developer

  1. Framework : The developer can be good at coding and when he/she talks more about open source coding, then beware. Not that they are inadequate resources, but in the projects that focus on developing specific apps focus on a framework will help them quickly adapt to your system than an open-source framework experience. In the worst case, you can hire a mobile app developer who will indeed have the required framework experience.
  1. Experience : This is a usual question during any hiring, but in your app developing work you must ensure not their number of years of experience but their experience in some years on a particular project. App development projects they worked must have been free from errors, rich in features, and function adequately. These will indicate their success in the implementation. So check for their projects and duration and not their total number of years in the IT field.
  1. References : For further assessing their quality, you must carry out a reference check. A simple check of asking them for reference will not suffice. You must reach out to their reporting managers to know the quality of their work and the ability. Also, you can check in their previous employment history and check for multiple references before you make any decision. They must be able to provide a reference to their reporting manager confidently, and that indicates their actual skill.
  1. API Capabilities : Now, it’s time to check few real-time things like API. They must have worked with Android or Apple API’s because there are numerous ways to enhance the features of the apps only with the extensive knowledge in API. Find if they have any integration experience with the API.
  1. Design Layout : Since mobile apps developing environment like Apple look for stringent design guidelines, it is crucial that the developer understands the design layout. Hence check with them for the appropriate exposure in following the design guidelines.


Apart from checking on all the areas mentioned above of work, you must also find their experience in testing the tools and working knowledge on IDE tools. Even, you can know if they have the leadership quality by asking questions like how to make money with the apps? Or will they suggest any new features etc.?

Overall you must look for an all-rounder to fit your app developer position.

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