Essentials Elements Of Men Boat Shoes

Essentials Elements Of Men Boat Shoes

Boats shoes can be called as one of the most stylish shoe type among men. Men boat shoes remained in fashion since ever due to their functional elements. These shoes were also known as deck shoe or top sider shoe. There was a time when these were primarily used for utility purposes. These were then considered perfect for the summers and monsoons due to their unique design elements and construction patterns.Essentials Elements Of Men Boat Shoes

In the older times, the issues of foot slippage on the boat decks were overcome by the construction of boat shoes. These shoes had provided an optimum grip on the slippery boat decks and prevented many accidental situations for the sailors. The well known sailor called Paul Sperry faced a large amount of challenges during his boat days. He discovered that a herringbone pattern in the shoe sole has the optimum resistance to maintain friction between the sailor’s feet and slippery surface of boat. He used the idea while constructing the boat shoes.

The boat shoes share some common characteristics with other shoe types while most of them stands uncommon. You would mostly find them in dark brown shades. However, various colors and designs were introduced in the recent times to appeal the consumers. Now, the canvas material, leathers as well other materials are also used in their construction.

Since they have an inbuilt purpose of resisting the snow, water and stains, the upper areas of the shoes are constructed in the same fashion. The tops usually have the stitched surface with the small section of shoe laces. The idea is to provide the ease to slip your feet instantly in them. ┬áLaces might serve artificially in some shoe designs while in others, you may use them to tighten the shoe. The sole is constructed using rubber material in order to deal with the ground’s feedback.

Boat shoes are available in variety of designs. They come in designs that are suitable to wear in office and parties. You can even wear them without the socks. Most of the people use to follow the old trend of not wearing them with socks while you may wear socks in the places where they are  mandatory like offices and parties.

Boat shoes are preferably avoided in winters when the feet requires a warm protection. In the hot tropical climatic conditions, they goes very well with the jeans, khaki and cargo trousers and even shorts. The good color combination is when the trousers is light in color than the boat shoes.

While choosing a one, make sure that your feet holds them well. Since boat shoes are easily wearable, they require a perfect size for a good foothold. If they are loose, your feet may slip out of them.

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