Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!

As humans we’ve evolved and arrived at the top of the food chain and become the most advanced species, however time to time it’s important we all connect with nature and admire it in all its glory. Wildlife safaris are not just a thrilling adventure but also educate and amaze us with the notion that we’re living in a beautiful world that exists outside the cemented fortresses we’ve built around ourselves.

Visit these exotic wildlife safaris for an experience that will remain with you for life:


The Etosha National Park has been one of the hot spots for Wildlife Safaris as its home to elephants, antelopes, black rhinos, cheetahs and giraffes amongst many other fantastic beasts. With camps and huts set strategically to give you a full experience of the wilderness, this is one safari who’s memory you will remember for life. You can even make your way to Cape Cross to witness seals and visit waterholes with majestic sceneries!

Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!


This is one of the best safaris with the best access to animals and the stay is further fuelled with excitement by allowing you to set tents and have campouts for a brilliant experience. The Samburu National Park and Maasai Mara National Park make for a good stop and you get a brilliant view of giraffes, elephants, lions and zebras amongst many more majestic beasts. This safari will surely make you feel connected with nature once again! Visit Kenya without hassle thanks to makemytrip coupons that give you amazing prices on tickets and seats of your choice without any kind of botheration for a smooth trip!

Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!


Madagascar has been made highly popular with the animated movie series and quite true to its portrayal, it makes for a perfect visit giving you an option to explore the wild. This topical island houses more than 80% unique species and you can find the most exotic flora and fauna. The Berenty Reserve surely demands a visit at least once! From over 50 species of lemurs to over 36 genera of birds, lions, tortoises and much more, this is one island which is the perfect example of biodiversity and every inch of this land will entrance you!

Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!

Costa Rica

This tiny country might have you fooled by its size, but in fact is home to over 12,000 species of flowers, volcanoes and hot springs and also houses bats, iguanas, turtles, monkeys and over 260 species of birds. Come here for the lazy beaches and sea turtles as well as luscious greenery which are home to over thousand inhabitants. Be sure to visit the Corcovado National Park, Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Palo Verde National Park for a great time! This is one trip you surely want to make at least once in your life! Book easy tickets to Costa Rica with Yatra coupons to get great seats as well as deals to have an unforgettable and adventurous ride!

Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!


The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are bliss for those who want to witness the thrills of marine wildlife. It’s nothing short of a living laboratory and has a brilliant collection of turtles, sea lions, seals, sharks and penguins that will totally catch your fancy. Wildlife is best viewed when you set out to sail on a boat and enjoy the fresh breeze interacting with friendly and unflinching animals who aren’t too bothered by human presence. This is surely a treat for marine lovers!

 Exotic Wildlife Safari Destinations Around The World!

Be sure to take a trip to these foreign lands that are housing some of the most exotic species Mother Earth has to offer and come be part of what we once were- a bio diverse planet before civilization took over!

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