Eye Brow Lift For A More Physically Attractive Facial Appearance


If you have flat or drooping eye brows and you are not satisfied with your facial appearance then you can try out this cosmetic surgery called eyebrow or pexia lifting.

Eye Brow Lift For A More Physically Attractive Facial Appearance

This surgical procedure is in high demand mostly by women and it cuts across all ages from teenagers to the elderly.

The beauty and expression of a face is enhanced by the tail of the eyebrow particularly in the periocular region.

What eyebrow lift does it to help give you a young, vibrant and fresh looking expression and face.

An expert cosmetic surgeon will always advise his or her patients to keep the eyebrow lift moderate and natural to avoid a “clown” expression, which is one of amazement or surprise.

The procedure takes about 35 minutes to execute after sedation with a local anaesthetic. Patients are also treated on an outpatient basis, where they are discharged on the same day of the operation.

Patients usually recover within a week of the operation and the surgeon will usually advice that the patient avoids the rays of the sun from getting in contact with their eyes for a period of 10 days.

An assessment of the patients needs by the head surgeon us usually the case before a surgical operation so as to advice the patient on what would be best for them.

It is possible that the patient may not necessarily require a brow lift alone to achieve the facial appearance they desire. They may also need other surgical procedures to achieve this such as on their forehead, eyelids, neck and even cheeks.

The head surgeon will advice the patient accordingly before any procedure is carried out. Every individual is different and every case requires to be treated on its own merits.

There is a saying amongst cosmetic surgeons and it goes like this;

“There are no surgeries for individualsĀ  but instead there are individuals for surgeries.”

It therefore goes without saying that the procedure on one patient can not necessarily be replicated on another, so you should not go for the procedure expecting to look like a particular person, but rather your expectation should be to have the best possible appearance that the procedure can offer.

That is the job of the surgeon and he will give you the best possible advice based on several factors including your medical history and your facial structure. Giving you professional help on what procedure or procedures will work best for you.

You can enhance your facial appearance and look more elegant and beautiful today with a simple eyebrow lift procedure. Try and temper your expectation with reality keeping it moderate always helps and it’s just like stringing a guitar, a little tweak here and a little tweak there will give the best possible results.

Just ensure that you make use of the professional services of an experienced cosmetic surgery medical centre and practitioner to avoid serious cosmetic and health complications in the future.

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