How To Highlight Your Eye Makeup For Amazing Look

eye makeup styles

Eye makeup is a very sensitive thing to do. This is because your eyes are easily seen among other parts of your face. You need to be careful in applying makeup in the area around your face to help you be confident and attractive. There are several eye makeup styles that you can choose for better appearance and to make you look beautiful. You should have an idea where each type of eye makeup is applied through having a chart that directs you during application. You are required to be careful when choosing concealer or any foundation on your face for it to blend well with your eye makeup. The makeup styles will help you apply eye makeup like a professional. It gives you the secrets for amazing eyebrows.

Tips On How To Apply Eye Makeup For Amazing Look

There are several ways on how you can apply your eye makeup for amazing look. This includes several eye makeup styles, which will make your eyes beautiful and attractive. Follow the tips below for a perfect look:

1. Concealer

When using concealer, ensure that you choose a color that matches with your skin color. Golden concealer is always recommended because of its ability to hide the blue undertone in your eyes to make your eyes look beautiful and appear to be younger than usual. Concealer is a significant element that ensures that the dark circles beneath your eyes are not revealed for youthful look. It is advisable to use concealer before any other application, it should be the first eye makeup to be used. This will ensure that you get satisfied results at the end of your application.

2. Mascara

It is advisable that you use two mascaras for a better look. These two mascaras help boost your eye lashes to make them attractive. This will make your eye lashes look thick and strength. It will make them look full. The first mascara make your eye lashes thick while the second one makes you lashes look lighter for pretty eyes.

3. Eye Liner

You are required to choose a dark color for a perfect look. You are also advised to choose a color that matches your eye color to enhance the look of your eyes.

4. Eye Brow Makeup

Make sure that your eye brows look fuller for a perfect look. You can choose to use eyebrow pencil to draw hair like lines to make sure that your eyebrows are full. Your brows should be trimmed to medium size. They should not be very thin or too thick. For a better look, draw the hair like lines while starting from the bottom of your brows upwards.

5. Eye Shadow

Using a brush, apply eye shadow that matches your skin. Apply it carefully on your eye lids for a good look. You can choose to apply three different colors on your eye lid. The first color is a neutral eye shadow that helps make your skin around your eyes look even. It is applied in your whole eye lid. The second is a darker color eye shadow that makes your eyes look bigger and pretty. The third eye shadow is highlighter, which is applied on the area beneath your eyebrows for a brighter look.

6. Eye Line

You can apply eye liner of your choice using a brush. Ensure that its color blend very well with your skin color for greater look. Make sure that you apply at the bottom of your eyelashes and the line is firm for beautiful appearance of the eyes.

7. Contouring

This is the last steps to be undertaken during eye makeup. Make sure that you apply highlighter on your cheeks and at the corners of your eyelids to help you look beautiful. Use bronzer to help attain a clear smooth skin on your cheeks, areas around your nose and areas beneath your cheekbones.

8. Mineral Powder

Mineral powder is an important element as it will help your mascara stay intact. You can apply it using your fingers for better appearance. This should be applied before eye shadow.


Eye makeup is a tricky process. You will need to be careful to achieve the expected look. Choose your color prudently for a perfect look. You can choose to use your fingers or brush when applying eye shadows. The above tips will help you apply eye makeup like a pro. It helps you be confident of yourself knowing that you are looking amazing. The eye makeup will help you have pretty eyes as far as you do not overdo them.

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