Facts About A Spinal Tumor Surgery

Facts About A Spinal Tumor Surgery

Spinal tumor is seen on the rarer side and it could be malignant or benign. This is a form of tumor that evolves within the bones of your spine or the spinal cord. The common symptom of spinal tumor is back pain, though most times it is associated with ageing, stress or rigorous activity. In other areas of your body any tumor of non-cancerous nature is not a case of worry. But this is not the case of a spinal cord as your nerves could be impinged.  A spinal tumor be it cancer prone or not it can be a threat to your life or could cause permanent disability.

Symptoms Associated with a Spinal Tumor

With regards to a spinal tumor it is dependent on the location, the symptoms or signs tend to appear. This is all the more so when the tumor grounds and takes over the spinal cord or on the nerves of the spine. The common symptoms are

  • Back pain that tends to move over to the other parts of the body and does increase at night
  • Difficulty in walking and this could lead to falls
  • Problems in the functioning of the bladder
  • Decreased sensitivity due to heat, cold and pain.

Facts About A Spinal Tumor Surgery

Recovery Post the Surgery

The recovery after the surgery is dependent to a considerable extent of the health of a patient before surgery. The health of a patient is being monitored by periodic visits and constant revaluation by the doctor. One of the reasons is that any tumor is it malignant or benign has the chances of recurring again. When the period of treatment ends, the symptoms begin to disappear. If conventional drugs fail to provide relief, then you can resort to a pain management specialist.

Any form of surgery be it chemotherapy or radiation could drain a patient at a nutritional level. In this regard a proper diet is essential to gain back the weight, strength coupled with the wellbeing of a person. If you hire the services of a professional nutritionist they can provide you with proper guidance. It all boils down to the medical status of a patient; coupled with the extent of the surgery a module of physical therapy could be suggested. It is through various modalities and exercises a patient can restore back their original strength and endurance. The key aspect is to restore the flexibility aspect back.

Is India a Safe Bet?

Most of the top hospitals in India provide Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India. The prime aim of all these medical institutions is to provide world class treatment at cost effective prices. India has turned out to be a major medical tourism hub. This is one of the main reasons why patients from worldwide are flocking to India for medical treatment. With the number of patients increasing every year pertaining to spine tumor treatment cost in India, the future presents a great picture.

The government has encouraged all active support for the development of this sector in a big way.

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