Facts About Getting Canadian Work Permit

Facts About Getting Canadian Work Permit

Canada is one of the most popular destinations which attracts people from all across the globe. Every year thousands of people travel to this place such that they can build up their future and find good source of income for themselves. There are various factors which makes the country an ideal location, and one of those factors is its limited population. It makes it just appropriate to settle in and build up a good future.

Facts About Getting Canadian Work Permit

What makes Canada an Attractive Destination?

There are various factors which makes Canada attractive and same has been listed below;

  1. It is having a sound economy
  2. The democratically elected government ensures to maintain freedom of people living in the country, and the pleasant living condition in the country makes it appropriate for the immigrant to shift in.
  3. The crime rate is quite low hence people can stay assured of staying safe in the country.
  4. It is a racially diverse society, hence people from different parts of the world can expect to live peacefully.

Above mentioned factors undoubtedly make Canada the best place to live in. for people to smoothly move to the country and work, they are required to get work permit of the country. Some of the steps which can be followed for getting work permit has been listed below.

How to get Canada Work Permit Visa?

  1. Canada work permit visa application form must be filled and submitted.
  2. Look for an employer in the country wherein job can be attained in the country
  3. Once employer has been selected, gain a letter from them which contains details of job. The letter should have offer for the immigrant.
  4. Positive labor market opinion must be gained from the HRSDC.
  5. Take two photocopies of your passport.
  6. 2 professional immigration photos along with name and date of birth
  7. A copy of birth certificate
  8. Collect your school certificates, high school diploma and degrees.
  9. Also check your eligibility after checking upon the requirements of job.

Following steps above makes an individual eligible for getting work permit visa of the country.

How to Assess yourself for the Job?

While all the steps are important in gaining visa, one should ensure to make themselves aware of the assessment requirement of job. To enlighten people on assessment facts we have brought forth details below;

  1. Individual should possess at least 6 month approved training course for care givers
  2. The applicant must have at least one year of work experience in the related field in the last three years
  3. A letter of recommendation from the past employer or any other relevant person.

Apart from above, one should also ensure to prepare summary of their skills and experience such that same can be presented at the time of filling application. Preparation of resume would also suffice the purpose and can be provided to visa authorities. Keeping in mind facts mentioned above shall be of great help for individuals to apply for Canada permit visa and gain it in the least possible time.

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