FAQ on Rhinoplasty and Lip Augmentation!

Rhinoplastie Montreal

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, why do I look the shabbiest of them all?”

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women around the world are dissatisfied with how they look! Some don’t like their weight, some hate their height, and most hate their features. Now, this is mostly predominant in Europe, America, and Asia!

This is why many opt for cosmetic surgery like Rhinoplastie Montrealliposuction, or lip surgery to make their facial features more pronounced. Now, this isn’t a bad thing! True a person’s height cannot be changed, but if the technology offers the option to alter a face for the better, why not go for it!

So, if you too want to kill of insecurity and make your lips more pronounced along with your nose, you might have considered investing in Augmentation des lèvres and Rhinoplasty. However, before investing in these you must know the necessary FAQs to avoid any queries.

Thankfully, this blog will provide the necessary FAQ’s involved to help you during the cosmetic appointment.

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The FAQ on Lip Augmentation

  1. What exactly is Lip Augmentation?

Lip Augmentation is a cosmetic process that involves increasing the size of one’s lips. Now, this can be done non-surgically as well as surgically. So, suppose you wish to permanent lip enhancement then you need to pick the surgical process. Via this process, lip implants will be implanted in the lips to make them fuller.

Now, if you wish to go for non-surgical method, it’ll involve injecting fillers in your lips to make them appear fuller temporarily.

  1. How is the Lip Augmentation Surgery Performed? 

The Augmentation des lèvres surgery either uses tissues from the skin, or uses implants made from Softform, Alloderm, and Gortex. These are then implanted within the lips while keeping a patient under local anaesthesia.

In laymen’s term, the surgeon cuts the lip corner to input these implants for making the lips look full.

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FAQ on Rhinoplasty

  1. What does Rhinoplasty Stand for?

Rhinoplasty is the fashionable term for a nose job! It is a surgical process that involves changing the shape of a person’s nose to suit his/her facial type.

  1. How to Prepare for a Nose Job?

Once you find a reputed clinic to invest in for a nose job, your surgeon will study your facial feature and discuss realistic expectations with you. After this, before you proceed with the surgery, you must stop taking certain medications like ibuprofen or aspirin to prevent blood clotting.

Also, avoid smoking before the surgery and also after one-month consequent to it. The reason being, smoking slows down the recovery phase and can create a lot of inconveniences during and after the surgery.

  1. What happens During a Nose Job Surgery?

Suppose you’re planning to undergo Rhinoplastie Montrealthen you have nothing to worry about. The entire surgery lasts for around 2 hours and you will be given local anaesthesia to alleviate any pain. After this, the surgeon will cut the bottom of the patient’s nose to break and rearrange the cartilage to the desired shape.

Once done, the cut will be closed and a nasal splint will be applied to let the nose heal in its due time.

So, there you go! These few FAQ will help you actively prepare for a nose and lip surgery. Now, find a good clinic and alter your face to suit your needs!

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