Fashion and Romance: 6 Winter Date Night Out Outfit Ideas For Women


The winter season is a great time to get your best dress forward on a date night because of the attractive and elegant pretty lights, joyous and jubilant atmosphere, and the ample amount of mulled wine. It’s a merry season and so should your style.


However, date nights during winter are more challenging to dress up because you want to accomplish a lot of things in the middle of freezing weather. Dressing up for a winter date can be quite confusing because you need to feel warm and cozy but still look flirty at the same time.

But of course, comfort should be the primary priority when it comes to choosing outfits, but that does not mean that you have to compromise style. Do not let the cold dishearten and upset you. If you want to have an unforgettable date night, check out these date night outfit ideas for winter to help you dress up with stylish and comfortable outfits.

The Trench Vest

Trendy and stylish, trench vests are flexible and multipurpose pieces to mix and match into your date night trunk. You can wear them with just about anything, from dresses up to sweaters. Go for a trench vest on moderately hot winter days to avoid wearing bulky jackets.

Trench vests may seem like a tricky choice, but you don’t have to be street style layering pro to carry out this trend. When selecting bottoms to match with it, consider it as a coat. Go for midis, longer,  maxis, skinnies, culottes, dresses, or shorts, but never match the hemlines.


If you have a penchant for bohemian vibes on your date night, then disregard any jackets and use a poncho instead. Ponchos are your sought out layering item for defeating the seasons chill.

With a turtleneck or tee and jeans, you will certainly pull off your winter date night look. It is comfortable and incredibly chic and sophisticated. Unlike any jackets, ponchos will never make you feel confined leaving you free as a bird.

Ponchos also come in a collection of styles from the wrap poncho, the chunky cable-knit turtleneck poncho, the belted poncho, and the cowl neck poncho. Keep your look clean and simple without having too many accessories to pull-off a sexy and warm look.

The Knee Boots

Knee Boots

A pair of over the knee boots can transform any woman into a long-legged deity. Match these awesome boots with a cute sweater or skirt, jeans or a dress. They simply look great with everything and will automatically keep your legs covered.

Knee boots are an excellent addition to your winter date night attire. These over the knee boots are a fashion statement alone and seem to suit any of your evening occasions. A pair of over the knee boots is the season’s trendy boots.

These boots vary from suede, leather, block heels, or flat soles. They are not just remarkably wearable, but they are perfect for a cold-weather clothing staples. However, wearing over the knee boots can be quite a challenge, but it does not mean that they are not worth the try.

Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves

Add a bit of glamour and elegance to your date night outfit with the style and charm of belle sleeves. Bell sleeves can immediately enhance and embellish any look for a stylish and trendy outfit.

These sleeves are creating a huge statement in the fashion industry recently and are excellent outfit staples for a date on a cold winter night. Bell sleeves add a touch of femininity, and the smooth elastic fabric will keep you cozy and relaxed.

Bell sleeves are a very versatile clothing piece, with various accessories and shoes that can go with it. There are numerous ways of wearing a bell sleeve top that can enhance and pull off any look you want. Plus these sleeves add a bit of drama into your attire that your guy will surely love.

Vibrant Florals

Showcase your sweet and wholesome side with floral prints. Do not hesitate to have fun with florals. Select and combine different but complementary items for a fashionable but perky look.

Floral prints are the ideal winter date night outfit because they are bright, elegant, and most feminine. You can pair a floral top with tights or jeans and ankle boots. Shop for floral clothes in any online store like Deal Wiki.

Go For Turtlenecks

Nearly all of us loves and adores an attractive and pleasant turtleneck, particularly with the trending vest style which looks stunning when worn with a leather jacket. Whether it is a cropped, oversized, or a turtleneck dress, it will work for your date night outfit in winter.

This type of women’s Clothing is perfect especially during winter. Wearing a turtleneck will provide warmth for your neck all throughout the night. Plus, there is a wide selection of turtlenecks in various color and designs such as ruffles on it.


Dressing up for a date night out with your guy is troublesome enough, but when the winter season is in the mix, it will make you want to stay home and chill. Preparing for a  date night outfit when its cold can give you a headache. You want to look sexy, but you need to consider being stylish and sophisticated all the while being warm.

From trench vests, ponchos, knee boots, bell sleeves, floral prints, and turtlenecks, you can pull off that perfect winter date night outfit successfully.

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