Feel Nature At The Last ‘Shangri-La’ On Earth- Bhutan

Bumthang Trek

Bhutan, the land of spellbinding natural beauty and peaceful monasteries, is ideal for an ultimate memorable vacation.

The Magical Nature

Breathe in some fresh air at the valleys of Bhutan. While Gangtey, the glacial valley offers an awestrucking beauty of Bhutan from an altitude of 2900 metres, the meanders of Nakay Chhu and Gay Chhu are a photographer’s paradise. The black necked cranes, barking deer, Himalayan black bear, red fox, wild boar and the sly leopards adorn the jungles of the valley and it is famous for wildlife.

The white flags at the roadsides wave to welcome you to the valley of peace and prosperity, Paro valley of Bhutan. As the River Paro breaks through the Himalayas, you can enjoy a cable car ride across the river. While the milky white blossoms of peach treat your eyes, walk under the shadows of blue pine and rhododendron woods of the Haa Valley to spend some moments of solace just by yourself.

Paro Valley Bhutan

The Exhilarating Treks

The Great Himalayas seem to hide its treasure at the ravines and gorges and it is a trekker’s challenge to unravel these natural gems. Get an easy trekking experience from the Paro Valley to the Thimpu Valley, passing enchanting rivers or challenge the mountains of eastern Bhutan, which used to be a trader route in ancient times. While the high altitude trekking of Chomolhari offers a spectacular sight of Mt. Chomolhari, changing landscapes and exquisite flora and fauna, bath in the hot waters of the seven natural springs of Dur Tshachu on your Dur hot spring trek. Trekking through Bumthang is considered the best way to know the hamlets of Bhutan. The revolving wind mills, the grazing yaks and the farmers working hard on the farmlands with smiling faces at the largest village of the region, Dhur offers a unique experience of real Bhutan.

Bumthang Trek

The Elegant Monasteries

Bhutan is the only country in the world which has Buddhism as its official religion. Paro with its tranquil atmosphere has always been an ideal destination for mediation and worship and hence there are quite a number of monasteries and edifices in and around this valley. While the 7th century monastery of Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest shrines of the country, the Dungtse Lhakhang is known for its amazing architecture, where each floor represents heaven, earth and hell; the rich paintings of the temple are popular worldwide. While the Jangsarbu Lhakhang temple houses the rate statue of Skyamuni Buddha, the Taktshang Lhakhang is a pilgrimage for the Bhutanese. The Changangkha Monastery of Thimpu is another major attraction with its 11 headed and thousand armed statue of Chenrizig.

Taktshang Lhakhang Paro Bhutan

The Colourful Shopping

While girls would love to adorn themselves in the traditional Bhutanese apparel, known as kira along with waist bands, the colourful masks are popular among the kids. Thankas, hand woven bags, warm and soft stoles and sweaters are the ideal souvenirs to be bought at Bhutan. The yak bone jewellery is a must buy to adorn your beautiful kira dress.

Bhutan Handicrafts Shopping

The Quintessential Cuisines

As drizzles touch the windows and chilly winds threaten, the hot and spicy cuisines of Bhutan keep you warm. While Ema Datshi, a blend of cheese and chilli is the national food, the piping hot momos accompanied with homemade sauces is an ideal snack relished with equally hot butter tea. Steaming hot red rice is often served with phaksha paa, a peppery pork preparation, jasha maru, a combo of minced meat, tomatoes and chilli or with red chilly flavoured goep. Sweets at Bhutan mean cool fruits of water melon or mangoes.

Hot Momos Bhutan

Hence, Plan your itinerary of 5 Days Bhutan Tour and spend some happy moments at the happiest nation, Bhutan.

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