Finding The Perfect Ring

Finding The Perfect Ring

Different types of ring will look better or worse with different outfits. But they will also look very different on different hands. Whilst the size of the band itself will be important to get right in terms of comfort and safety, any stones or settings will also need to be the perfect size if you want a ring to look right on your hand.

Finding The Perfect Ring

If you buy a ring with a huge stone or a huge pearl, yet you only have very small hands, there is a good chance that the ring will look overbearing on your finger, or may draw attention to your diminutive digits. On the other hand, if you have larger hands, what may have cost you a very significant sum of money may well look like a cheap toy whilst simultaneously highlighting the size of your hands.

Many people suggest that age plays a part in the size of ring you wear too, with younger people suiting smaller rings and older people benefiting from larger ones. There are many reasons for this, from the fact that larger rings will help hide imperfections as skin gets older and starts to look tired, to the fact that simplicity seems more at home on a younger hand.

The fact that less can be more when one is young makes the likes of Pandora stacking rings even more appealing. Whilst in later years, it may make sense to have much larger and more overbearing rings, when one is younger simplicity will be best. In turn, one can use stacking rings not only to create the perfect look but also to add extra size and impact as one gets older.

Finding The Perfect Ring

This type of Pandora ring offers many other benefits too, allowing individuals to play with different arrangements of rings until they find the perfect combination. As such, one may not have to live by hard and fast guidelines about whether or not they should wear chunky or tiny jewellery on their hands.

For those who want to play it safe though, there are a few simple rules. Those with longer, slender fingers have it the easiest being able to wear almost any type of ring with almost any outfit. Those with shorter digits may need to look at rings with depth, as those pieces that stand away from the finger will create an illusion of one having longer fingers. Likewise, those with larger hands will simply want to look at larger items of jewellery to help the digits appear smaller than they really are. In the case of those with slightly plumper hands, more angular pieces will help one’s hands to seem less curvy.

Of course, these are merely rules of thumb (as it were) and it never hurts to experiment with different designs. Of course, by buying Pandora rings, you may be able to find more angular rings to suit larger fingers, whilst still being able to include more delicate designs into the final look.

As such, always try to match rings to your hand shape or size, but where possible try to combine these with other designs that you simply love to create a stacked effect that will show your hands in the best light yet still allow you your own unique sense of style.

Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger who regularly contributes to fashion and lifestyle sites such as Acotis.

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