First Baby On The Way? Get Ready In 5 Steps

First Baby On The Way? Get Ready In 5 Steps

Once morning sickness, moods, and tiredness kick in, you will start feeling that 9 months are not enough to prepare. Not only for you as an expecting mother, but also for your partner who will need to cater to all your new needs. So start planning early and you will be less stressed in the critical moments of postpartum.

First Baby On The Way? Get Ready In 5 Steps

  1. Set Things Straight With Your Partner

Don’t get stuck in the baby name dispute for too long. There are many other things to decide on now when you are both still well-rested and calm. How do you plan to share baby responsibilities? Who is going to take care of the baby during his first years? Are you considering a nanny or daycare? Does one of you prefer a specific type of diet? Do you want to organize a baby naming event?

Putting all your wishes, fears and plans on the table gives both of you some time to consider each other’s opinion and reach a common ground until the due date.

  1. Manage Your Finances

Step number 1 will help you work on step number two: the financial plan. Nanny, daycare, baby naming celebration are all to be taken into account when you sketch your budget, along with medical costs and health cover.

Try to talk to parents of toddlers about their spendings in order to make an estimation. You might have to consider skipping some dinners at the restaurant and some weekend trips. Start checking on websites like Deal on the Web, where you can find coupons for almost anything and thus reduce your daily costs.

  1. Make Arrangements at Work

What is your company’s policy regarding parental leave? Is there any flexible schedule allowed for parents? How are your colleagues managing their family responsibilities?

If you’re working lots of extra hours and you can’t see any improvement in the near future, you should start researching options soon. There are many work-from-home opportunities now, but there are also companies that allow employees to adapt their daily programme to their personal needs.

  1. Is Your Home Fit for a Baby?

Hopefully, you have enough space for all the new things that will soon gather in your home: diaper storages, crib, stroller, toys, changing table. It’s not the best time to invest in a bigger home or start paying an increased rent, so try to prepare your current home for the newborn. Start decluttering and donate or organize a yard sale for all the things you don’t need. Also, if you live in a nosy area, consider soundproofing.

  1. Dealing with Postpartum

During the first weeks after birth, the mother suffers many changes, her body is healing, there are hormonal changes happening and she also has to get used to breastfeeding and difficult night routines. Also, she needs to learn to handle her fragile newborn.

The help of an experienced parent is much needed, so soon-to-be parents should reach to their family for help. However, grandparents and aunts shouldn’t take over responsibilities, it’s better they take care of cleaning, shopping, and cooking. The new parents need to learn the basics or they’ll feel clueless once the help is gone.

Taking everything into account, you have lots of things to do before your first baby makes the grand entrance into the world. Get ready early and keep your loved ones close so you’ll feel balanced and loved.

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