Flaunt Your Culture In Your Abaya

Flaunt Your Culture In Your Abaya

Abayas are found to be the most common type of outer wear worn by the Muslim women. Places like the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf of Arabia are filled with women wearing abayas. The most common form of abaya his black in colour with long sleeves and is made of a loose floor length fabric. When the woman is at home, she does not require wearing an abaya, but when she has to step outside for some chore, she must wear the abaya often over the regular clothes she was already wearing. The main purpose of an abaya is to hide the woman’s natural curves from the outside world to stay modest in the eyes of god. Most women accompany the abaya with a hijab and a niqab which covers the head as a whole.

Flaunt Your Culture In Your Abaya

History of Abayas

If you research about the origin of abayas then you will find that women in the Arabian Peninsula, for a few centuries had been wearing clothing which was pretty much similar to an abaya. Muslims were not the first ones to have discovered this clothing style. Long ago, before Islam was discovered, the women of the royal families of the other high families were found to wear clothing resembling an abaya. As time passed and the Islamic religion got founded, the abayas were adopted for their religious purposes to preserve the modesty of a woman. Currently all the women who wear abayas have pride and a deep sense of respect for their important traditions.

As most things change with time, the original look of the abaya has also changed. Previously it was simple cloak type clothing which was also found to be always black in colour and covered the body from the top to bottom. The original structure and purpose of the abaya has not changed but currently you can find them in a lot more variety of fabrics and some even have delicate ornamentations on them. While many have accepted and adopted these changes, others have brought on the debate on modesty against fashion. Whichever type you choose for yourself, you can shop abayas online without any kind of hassle.

Abaya Types

Two main types of abayas are commonly available- the top of head type and the shoulder type. As the names suggest, the top of the head type abaya covers the woman’s boy from the top of the head till the feet, while the shoulder type abayas start from the shoulders and end at the feet. Women usually wear a hijab and a niqab along with the shoulder type abaya. Let your comfort and your style decide whichever one would suit you the best.

If you are thinking of covering yourself with an abaya for any special occasion too, you should go for a designer abaya, which are now also available in the market. You will find them in any modern abaya’s store. Beautiful ornamentations attached to the fabric along with fanciful stitching on it will make you look gorgeous in the abaya. You will even find abayas with pretty embroidery and embellishments.

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