Future Is Mobile!

More than one million users are coming online through various mobile devices and smartphones in Pakistan and the number is growing colossally. A careful survey suggests that the number of internet users swelled by 20 percent in the year of 2016. Social media users on the other hand grew even more rapidly with the growth of 35 percent every year. Just like any other emerging sector, in Pakistan web traffic through mobile devices is most overwhelming. 70% of online activity is performed via phones which accounts 13 percent increase since last year. This rush totally gave rise to the mobile phone companies in the country and everybody ran crazy after them. No matter how expensive smartphones have been advertised, people have bought them insanely. And there is no doubt that the smartphone obsession is not going to die soon, just recently s8 and s8 plus has been released in Pakistan also and the preorders are lined up greatly.

Future Is Mobile!

Therefore internet penetration is quite high these days and everyone wants to use it on the go. So there is good news for you guys out there. Government officially launched 200 free WIFI hotspots hence people in five major cities of Punjab can now access internet while they are out and about without any hassle. This is a sure sign that Pakistan is moving faster than fast and we have a long way to go.

Certainly future is mobile and with good subscription rates the active mobile users will increase immensely. Government of Pakistan finally had something worthy to share and free hotspots are definitely something that will outgrow the internet market very quickly.

Future Is Mobile!

After the launch of 3g and 4g technologies in Pakistan, we have seen unprecedented growth. With such remarkable efforts and improved coverage of network Pakistan is sure to mark its name in the new era of digital world.

The cities where free Wi-Fi hotspots will be made available include Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad. However 16 hotspots will be available in Murree also.

The ceremony was held in irfa kareem software Technology Park and it was chaired by the Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. He launched the internet service by pressing the launch button and said the Wi-Fi services in the five major cities of Punjab is a huge step towards digitizing Punjab. And that the provincial government has always taken extra-ordinary measures to promote information technology which is why the overall performance of various departments improved over the period of time. With that he also said that this free internet service will make it easy to contact and connect to each other ultimately it will benefit the citizens big time.

These hotspots were installed in the start of the following year and were being tested for numerous months to make sure it works accurately. Every single hot spot will cater up to 1500 users and the will have 4 to 5 accessible points within the range of 100 to 500 meters. A simple and effortless registration process has to be followed by the users to access the Wi-Fi which will require the user’s basic information.

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