McGregor Will Appear in One of the Remaining Two Seasons of Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones

Imagine becoming part of one of the greatest hits in relation to television shows since the dawn of time. How interesting and thrilling that is? Even if it is not one of the regular gigs or engagements that you are popularly known to engage in, you must admit that it is quite a huge opportunity. This is what I believe happens to celebrities both current and emerging ones when invited to star is top ranking and highly rated TV show. These shows have become what keeps people busy when not at work, and since many runs in series, they keep you hooked up all the time. Just the other day, Games of Thrones, which is a hit show is being rumored to court Connor McGregor. In fact, has been said that he will appear in the remaining two seasons of the series.

Connor McGregor

He is a celebrity and a UFC champion. He has played on the Octagon on many different occasions and has emerged as winner in most of them. This makes him one of the best choices and bringing him on board is a huge step. McGregor has no specific history in the acting arena. However, he has posted a video of him trying out his skills facing The Mountain also known as Hafthor Julius. The video garnered a lot of views around 22 million. This makes him a possible target and now it has been confirmed that he is to appear on the two remaining seasons.


Dana White has confirmed McGregor’s participation in the series on the news in Fox Sports Live. The announcement confirmed McGregor’s future appearances to be made on the Game of Thrones future episodes. Dana admitted to having known of his possibility to make an appearance on the show a few months back. This is after Game of Thrones directors became interested in putting him on the show. In addition, Belfast Media has announced the possible appearance of the UFC star on the show as well. They also indicate that the UFC star has non-schedule placing him on the octagon in the near future and therefore a high possibility is said to be that he will appear on the show. HBO directors head hunted him and made sure that he would appear. This is as a result of one of the directors being a huge fan of the UFC and the fact that the series will be taken and shot in Ireland, McGregor’s home town.

Games of Thrones

The series is a great hit in the TV shows around the world and has six series so far. It shows on HBO and the directors are moving to shooting two more series before they end it. The show is expected and has been planned to start shooting season 7 of the mega-hit show in 2017 on summer. They are moving to Dublin, Ireland, McGregor’s hometown, which assures the viewers of the possible participation of the UFC champion in the show. This also offers the celebrity a chance to appear, be part of a big show and not disrupt his life excessively or extensively.

Connor McGregor’s Future

It can be said that the future holds huge possibilities for Connor McGregor as a celebrity and actor in TV shows. It has been said that apart from being hunted for a character in the show Games of Thrones, he is also being rooted for a fight between him and the famous boxer Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather is a worldwide champion in the boxing ring, many are not sure what the results will be, and more specifically if the fight will take place. McGregor who has openly shown his dislike of wrestling fanatics and considering the reputation of the known boxer and his own, many expect him to take the acting and appear on Game of Thrones. The possibility of this specific encounter seems to dwindle with each passing minute. This is not definite as McGregor is a time bomb and can change his mind if indeed he is to appear on the show. Just hold your breath and let us see how this unfolds.


The HBO Games of Thrones directors believe that Connor McGregor is a perfect fit for this amazing show. However, if the UFC champion and Star shows up and appears on the show is another independent fact. It would be difficult for him to disappoint his fans but on the other hand, this might not be his thing. Keep an open mind and expect any possibilities in the coming two seasons and in McGregor.

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