Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix With These Must Try New Coffee Trends

Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix With These Must Try New Coffee Trends

Coffee is something extraordinarily powerful for the ones that adore it. There are different types of caffeine addicts in the world, some prefer to stick to their favourite type of coffee while others find it better to try out different types of coffee and coffee trends. This blog is for the ones that fit in the latter category of caffeine lovers. Here are some of the best coffee trends from around the world that you must try if you are head over heels in love with coffee.

Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix With These Must Try New Coffee Trends

Nitro Coffee

When we talk about nitro in food items, it is always something freezing cold or chemical based. But, here the coffee is prepared by adding a bit of nitrogen in the general cold coffees. It is prepared by storing the cold coffee in kegs and then making nitrogen gas pass through or infuse in the same. This leads to preparation of a silky smooth brew which lures almost every coffee lover.

Cold Brew

The newer and the most well known trend of the 21st century in terms of coffee is the cold brew. Although, the primitive approach towards coffee was of a hot cup of coffee of different concentrations of coffee powder, milk and cream, but the same has been taken over by cold brew today.

Coffee in Cone

This might seem a bit odd, but this is one of those trends of coffee that are well known and appreciated by people in the world. In this approach the freshly brewed coffee is poured into a leak proof cone lined with dark chocolate. You can consume the cone once you are done drinking your brew. The trick to consume this coffee before the cone disintegrates is by consuming it well before the cone starts getting soggy and disintegrates.


This one is one of those high-end coffee found in the most reputed and high-end coffee shops and restaurants. It is filtered to the extreme limit and it requires a very stylish brewing kit which helps in the same. The coffee is filtered with the help of a filter paper which is a relatively newer approach of filtering coffees.

Booze Coffee

Both coffee and booze is nothing but an addiction that makes people sane in their daily life and a combination of both is quite in the world of coffee these days. It is used in the similar way as that of lime juice, orange juice or any other type of drink that is used with booze in the bars. This serves as both a caffeine fix and a weekend cocktail at the same time.

Here are the latest trends of coffee that is quite common in most of the countries today. There is undoubtedly no limit of the different types of coffee that is available in the world and all these trends are adding on to the same. You can create most of these different coffee trends by using your own Nespresso capsules available in UK. You should definitely create some or all of us by yourself and try out these trends.

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