Getting Healthy And Shedding The Pounds

Consider it to be a Lifestyle Change

True weight-loss and well-being doesn’t come from a quick-fix diet. Consider weight-loss to be a lifestyle change – a statement to your health and overall well-being. While a lot of diets will offer temporary loss, shedding pounds fast, you can never reach the level of health you desire without a serious lifestyle change.

Find support

When it comes to dieting, it can be hard to go it alone. Just like anything challenging in life, a strong support group in your corner is going to assist you greatly in your quest. Programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Waters can create a strong impact and influence on your day-to-day. You’re more accountable for your actions and others are alongside you for the journey.

Take it easy

Don’t become fixated on losing a great deal of weight in a short period of time. Aim to lose a pound or two a week – this way you’re ensuring a healthy level of weight loss. Losing a great deal of weight in a rapid amount of time can take a toll on your body and mind. Lose too much weight in a short period of time and you can end up feeling sluggish or sick.

Getting Healthy And Shedding The Pounds

Set Motivating Goals

Don’t set the bar too high for yourself. You may want to fit into a bikini for summer-time but you really wanna set realistic goals for yourself. Start working towards smaller goals and focusing on giving yourself the compassion and care you deserve. Setting high expectations for yourself that might take some time to fully realize may result in negative self-perception.

Find the alternative Methods

The internet is full of wonder. Seek out alternative methods and find out what’s working for others. There are some medical treatments that may be of use to you and there are some great dieting advice on Pinterest. Get plugged in to some great alternative methods that can assist your diet.

Be easy on yourself

A lot of us have a tendency to treat ourselves poorly when we aren’t reaching our goals. Oftentimes, and perhaps most of the time, many of us are quick to deem ourselves failures. Whether it’s losing weight or looking your best, you should probably take it easy on yourself. Getting yourself into a healthier you isn’t going to be an easy road. Give yourself a break and remind yourself of all the good things that make you wonderful.

 Out of Sight, out of Mind

If you’ve got an extra box of candy bars in the pantry, you might want to throw them away. Keeping sweets and fatty foods on hand is going to be hard to avoid. Take a note from the marshmallow test and keep sweets off your mind. If you’re ever tempted to chow down on some ice cream or devour an overly-sugary sweet, try finding an alternative. A small square of dark chocolate may assuage the over-whelming desire for sugar.

This article was written by Karen Donald. Karen is educated in women’s health and enjoys to share her wealth of knowledge and insight. She is currently a freelance writer.

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