Gift Ideas For The Watch Lover

Gift-giving can be very rewarding, especially if you nail the perfect gift and see your friend’s or loved one’s face light up. How do you pick that perfect gift? The first step is to gather information on the person you’re shopping for. If you’re their close friend or relative, you likely already know what their personal style is like, or what their daily habits entail. Say this person is stylish but always on the move and has a growing collection of premium timepieces. Why not a great watch they can wear every day?

It can be difficult picking up a gift for a watch lover. Unless the person in question is a collector, you may have to deal with a very specific taste in watch styles, or perhaps the individual already has plenty of watches in the first place. So, whether you’re buying something for an expert watch enthusiast or a new collector, here are a couple of gift ideas to ensure that your gift is a success.


If you are looking to buy something for a true watch lover, you definitely want to be looking at mid to high-end men’s watches. For watches, the old adage that you get what you pay for is very true. In this case, you’re paying for exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious yet durable materials, and reliable precision, all presented in a refined, elegant accessory.

Seiko is a great name to start with, as this company designs and manufactures a large variety of styles across a reasonable price range. The Japanese watch company specializes in well-crafted designs that are appealing to any collector with an eye for quality and a mind for thriftiness.

Higher up in the luxury category, brands like Eterna and Maurice Lacroix feature some truly exquisite designs that wear like fine jewelry, or else give off an air of sophistication that will have people talking.

Gift Ideas For The Watch Lover

Among Swiss watch brands, Ulysse Nardin, also makes some wonderful luxury timepieces, as well as excellent marine chronometers, while fellow Swiss company Glycine offers both elegant luxury watches and rugged military-style watches.

Watch Winders

Most watches sold today are automatic. According to Wikipedia, automatic watches wind themselves by using a moving weight inside the watch, which is powered by human motion. This means that automatic watches don’t need to be wound as long as they are regularly worn. However, collectors with several watches will need to regularly wind their pieces to ensure long term accuracy.  

Watch winders hold timepieces and move them in circular patterns to keep them wound. These types of devices are beloved by many collectors, and there are many types of stylish and luxurious models that will display watches elegantly while keeping their mechanisms healthy and accurate. For those with large collections, there are even watch winders that can hold many watches at once. This is the perfect gift for a watch lover!

As with watches, quality means everything when you’re looking into watch winders. Trusted brands to look for include Buben & Zorweg, Rapport, Orbita, RDI, Swiss Kubik, Chronovision, Underwood, and of course, Scatola del Tempo, the original manufacturer of quality watch winders.


Does the watch lover you have in mind have any nice cases for his or her watch collection? This might be a good time to surprise him or her with one. There are many types of cases available on the market, all with varying functions and styles. You can pick up a single watch holder or a large case to hold an entire watch collection.

If you are buying for a watch enthusiast who has some precious pieces, a watch safe might be a good idea too. For serious collectors, there are armored safes and cases that provide extra security, with certain cases that feature keypad locks, biometric locks, and other tighter security measures.

Something For a Watch Lover In Your Life

If you are buying for a watch lover, there are many types of gifts you can pick up that are going to put a smile on his or her face. The gift ideas in this article aren’t exhaustive by any means, but the items covered here are a good bet, and there are plenty of classy choices to make in these categories. It doesn’t matter how discerning your watch lover is, chances are you’ll find something that will suffice. Good luck and happy shopping!

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