Godrej Properties Home Fest 2016 – 5 Must Offers To Boost Your Investment

Godrej Properties Home Fest 2016 - 5 Must Offers To Boost Your Investment

It’s not for the first time that you are hearing about the tempting offers that not only sway you but also pushes you to grab the property without even speculating about it which later may put you in a room of perplexity, but this time what is fascinating? The most important part is that these 5 capitulating deals are not just for the sake increasing the sales value of the builder, but it is something that has never seen before as in such intact form it is hard to find deal like this.

Godrej Properties Home Fest 2016 - 5 Must Offers To Boost Your Investment

# Reality to me

This is my personal opinion that investment in property is daunting task because whatever is available to us is out of the range because of its exceeding price range that push us to take a step back and see something that fits in our bracket. Alas! This imbibes lot of time in searching for home and that too they are those options are we are not satisfied of because these jerry-built projects are not crammed with modern features, in a nutshell, these are completely rejected, then what?  Then nothing we just crash your plans for investment in real estate and try something else.

But I have a great kudos for such mind-driving proposals which increases the potential of investment for those who hankered for profitable deal that is as equal as 5 or may be more than that investments.

# Home fest to smile

Godrej Properties Home fest 2016 is something that is grand and exciting because of the fact that it put forth 5 thrilling benefits which come in this way:-

  • Price range of all the projects is completely equal to its launched price.
  • Jaw-dropping booking amount Rs 50, 000/- only
  • Rs 50,000/- To Rs 5, 00,000/- Assured gift Voucher, to bring what you desire
  • 20/20/20/20/20 equal payment plan till possession
  • There is no need to paying extra charges for the maintenance for about 5 quarters, i.e. (15 months), as you are exempt

So these appealing and incomparable deals add beauty to your home investment and also do don’t fret about it much because you are not put all your eggs in one basket because this could be not so good idea. Understand another thing and that is the brand name you are getting with it “Godrej Properties” who has received more than 100 awards and recognitions for their indelible work where they have injected  every possible idea, strength, power, concept, strategy, etc.

So trust, authenticity, satisfaction, leeway is what all you set once you connect with Godrej Properties.

# What is available? Investment option

GODREJ 101 (Intact world with real lifestyle)

Godrej 101, Gurgaon this residential project is approached for the living that fits for every desire smartly to give more than what they expected. This project is completely capable of giving its crop of the cream elements which ease the lifestyle and provide every desire at every step of it. This is the realm where your stay will be grand and beguile.

Availability of apartments both 2 and 3 BHK apartments (1383 – 2366 Sq.Ft.) which is strewn over 10.5 acres of area with 11 towers to provide full beauty, this housing project defines the true space to stay in for the life with style and satisfaction which is very important after experiencing such boredom lifestyle.

Godrej 101 planned housing development is a true inspiration that explore every important element to give a matchless way where one can step into the facilities which are scattered in 101 activities like Delhi’s best Dance Academy, tie-ups with renowned sports Academy with skilled trainers and much more alternatives are available to dip in  anytime.


This option and with these enticing offers you make a big saving where you can protect almost Rs 30 lacs, this is freaking, I mean it’s too good, if one has to make investment today or in future, then this is the time and this is the property that you can proceed with for superfluous benefits.

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