Grooming Tips For Groom For His Wedding In India

Until now, everybody has been concentrating on the bride, her makeup, costume and jewelery. But now things have changed. While brides strive to look their flawless selves for their wedding in India, grooms are also not far behind. They are coming forward and throwing their inhibitions aside by going for regular grooming sessions at spas and beauty parlors, so they can shine with their brides. The reason is simple. A groom sits alongside his bride, who is decked in all her bridal glory, with heavy makeup and other embellishments. Why should he be far behind when he can look equally glamorous with a little bit of care and pampering? The new age groom take up marriage make-up packages offered at beauty salons. Hence, salons, which offered haircuts, shaving, facials, pedicures and manicures, are now offering different kinds of make-up ideas for men with different skin types. Men are no longer hesitant in showing off their flawless skin and perfect bodies; in fact, they are even ready to outshine the brides.
So if you have your wedding in India planned in the near future and would like to look your best, then the first thing to do would be to approach a skin clinic and look up the groom packages they have on offer. Pay extra attention to your skin and you will feel more confident on your wedding day. ┬áIt wouldn’t cost much too. A basic wedding make-up starts at about Rs.3500-Rs.5000 depending on the quality of service offered. You can do head massage, peel off, nose jobs, botox treatments, liposuction, skin renewal treatments, laser hair removal, shaping the beard and even dimple creation. And that’s not all. You must have heard of brides going for contact lenses to look stunning on their wedding day, now men are doing the same. They rent contact lenses that match their suits.
Grooming Tips For Groom For His Wedding In India
Men are extremely careful with their looks when their marriage is arranged, as compared to love marriages. Arranged marriages are popular in India, thanks to matrimony sites. Are you also looking for a suitable life-partner? Then you must visit Vysya Matrimony.
Nails – Grooms should particular care with their nails because clean, well cut and manicured nails will speak loads about their personality. When people come for your wedding in India, they will definitely shake hands with you and the women will discreetly look at your nails. They will even use your nails as the yardstick to measure your personality.
Skin care – Of course it goes without saying that your skin should look healthy and glowing for your wedding in India. Cleansers, toners and moisturizers are necessary for men too so make sure you do them at regular intervals several months/weeks before your wedding, depending on the skin condition.
Dental care – For that cheesy smile, you need to be very particular about your dental hygiene. Go for your dental checkups and cleaning at least a fortnight before your wedding in India. Sport that million-dollar smile and charm everyone.
Hair Care – Your locks should be shining with health on your wedding in India. Don’t go for experimenting with hairstyles on the11th hour. Shampoo and condition your hair so it looks lustrous and pamper it with hair care treatment a week before your wedding. Streaking, highlighting and coloring do not go well with the traditional Indian wedding culture, so steer clear from it.

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