GRP Cable Trays Manufacturers Explain Critical Technical Terms In Brief

Manufacturers of GRP cable trays intend their products for use as supports for cables. These are not the enclosures that provide full mechanical protection. Manufacturers never intend them to be used as ladders, walk ways or support for people and if any one uses it for same, it can cause personal injury and also damage the system and the cable installed. In this post, manufacturers will explain the terms used by experts working at infrastructure where GRP and FRP cable trays are produced.

  • Accessory

It is the component used for a supplementary function, for instance- to join two components together, ceilings or other supports, clamp or fix to walls, covers and cable retainers.

  • Associated supports

Bespoke supports for cable ladder and cable tray

  • Cable cleats

These are used inside an electrical installation to restrain cables in a way that can withstand the impact or force generated by them.

  • Cable ladder

It is a system component intended for cable support. It has a supporting side members fixed to each other with the help of rungs.

  • Cable ladder system

It is an assembly of cable supports having cable ladder lengths and other system components.

  • Cable ties

These are kind of fasteners used for binding and managing cable bundles to a cable management system.

  • Cable tray

It is a system component used for cable support. It has a base with integrated side members or a base connected to side members.

  • Cable tray system

It is an assembly of cable supports having cable tray lengths and other system components.

  • Damage

It is related to the cable management and can be seen in the form of broken welds, severely deformed or buckled sections.

  • Deflection

It is the elastic movement of the section due to imposed loading.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

It is an ability of the system to neither radiate nor conduct electromagnetic energy to borne unwanted effects.

  • Fitting

It is a system component used by manufacturers of cable trays to join, change direction, dimension, or terminate cable tray or ladder length.

  • SWL (Safe Working Load)

It is a maximum load that can be applied safely in general or normal use.

  • UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load)

It is a load applied evenly on a particular area.

These are some important terms used by GRP cable trays manufacturers while working at infrastructure.

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