Hangover Helpers

If last night adventures left you worse for wear, don’t fret! While you might be able to help the hangover with the hair o’ the dog -or a nice greasy burger- you can definitely do something about the way you look. There are some simple home (and spa) solutions to get your face and body ready for the office this morning… or prepared for another party tonight.
The problem: bloodshot eyes
The culprit: smoky nightclubs
The solution: When smoke gets in your eyes, the vessels become engorged with blood. It’s an ugly, but normal, response to irritation or injury. Plug in the humidifier once you get home. Natural tear products from the drugstore are a great option, but repeated use of eye drops can cause a rebound effect and make the blood vessels swell even more.
The problem: an uninvited blemish
The culprit: falling asleep with makeup on
The solution: There’s no use Monday morning quarterbacking about how you should’ve taken care of your skin. Just be gentle now to avoid scarring. Apply a warm compress to the blemish, then use a dermatologist’s stainless steel extraction tool to apply even pressure. A few swipes of a tea tree oil-based antiseptic (like Burt’s Bees or Desert Essence) heals things quickly. Cover up any redness with concealer or the thicker foundation from the bottle lid. Press on a bit of powder to keep makeup in place. Popular remedies also include: toothpaste, Visine, hemorrhoid cream, and calamine lotion. If your face is your fortune, see a professional for a cortisone injection.
The problem: bags and dark under-eye circles
The culprit: all-night carousing
The solution: Sleep with your head elevated, so fluids won’t to settle in your face. For cool compresses, use tea bags, classic cucumber slices, or place two spoons in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Pat on a concealer that is just one shade lighter than your skin tone. You’ll bring more attention to the problem area if the shade’s too light.
The problem: monster headache
The culprit: rocking too close to the band
The solution: Avoid taking aspirin before and during drinking. The potential damage to your inner organs is worse than the aches. Over-the-counter pain relievers are better taken after your body has processed most of the alcohol. Stop by Starbucks, too. Caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor and eases dilated blood vessels to alleviate headaches.
The problem: puffy face
The culprit: a ti many martoonis
The solution: Cocktails plus no sleep equals swollen face. Splash on ice cold water in the morning, followed by moisturizer. Matte makeup just accentuates the problem. Shimmery shades brighten the skin. Still look tired? DIY a detox facial.
The problem: belly flops
The culprit: mixing beers and ‘tinis
The solution: Head to an Uptown restaurant to tame your tummy. At Tom Tom Noodle House, choose the Garlic Ginger Beef. Ginger root is a great cure for seasick-like nausea. Eat your beans at Taco Diner. The Vitamin B1 helps metabolize alcohol and stabilizes the nervous system. The Banana Bread French Toast at Bread Winners helps revitalize. The bananas replace lost potassium and salts. Ferre’s Cappuccino al Pomodoro fights dehydration. The tomato soup is an excellent source of antioxidants and contains minerals which help your body hold onto water. Alcohol is a diuretic, so remember to swig two glasses of H2O for every drink.
The problem: bad hair day
The culprit: bed head
The solution: If you woke up to a rat’s nest, don’t try to stuff it under a hat. The more unwashed and disheveled your tresses are, the better they take to an updo. Take your hair into a low ponytail, then twist it up. Secure the do with a couple of u-shaped French hairpins. If it still looks awful, see a professional for an emergency a.m. blowout.

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