How Companies Choose The Right Video Conferencing Products?

With the development of network and communication technology, video conferencing has become the mainstream of modern enterprise office information communication, much attention has been given to enterprises. However, at present, the video conference market is endless, and the conference product supplier is also poor in service quality. Polycom, Cisco, ezTalks,Huawei, ZTE, twenty-three and so many competing chase. And high-quality conference products and services, the enterprise to improve work efficiency, reduce travel costs and streamline business processes and so play an active role. Full view that enterprises in the conference products and services to judge and select, should be a comprehensive consideration of hardware and software types of video conferencing and conference service providers.

How Companies Choose The Right Video Conferencing Products?

At present, video conferencing is divided into hardware and software, and on the two types of solutions never stopped. And the self-built hardware video conferencing investment costs are huge, the use of efficiency is not high, video conferencing cannot be quickly and mobile meetings; the same time, the lack of professional conference service staff, cannot guarantee continuous use and function upgrades; In addition, because of network bandwidth, video conferencing equipment is difficult to meet high quality meeting requirements.

To this end, in the balance of capital budget needs, internal resources, the size of the risk, the possibility of increasing the penetration rate and long-term meeting needs and other factors, self-built hardware video conferencing has been growing, and hire software video conferencing to become enterprise remote conference system best choice.

With the evolution of video conferencing systems from “conference room” to “desktop”, audio and video applications, instant messaging, calendar event management, personal address book management, VoIP and other communication and management as one of the system continues to emerge to Time cloud conference, which will be a variety of desktop applications and video conferencing applications gradually integrated.

Compared to the previous simple remote video conferencing, cloud conference through a variety of applications, to provide users anytime, anywhere, random and can integrate voice, data and video multimedia communication means, effectively integrated a variety of communications equipment, media and applications , And make communication more convenient, more organized, planned, scalable.

In addition to considering the functional selection of the conference product, the selection of conference service providers is also critical to the enterprise. At present, many companies in the choice of procurement network video conferencing, do not understand the choice of network video conferencing standards, basically only by virtue of the advertising information and sales staff to obtain information. This unequal way of communicating information allows many companies not only to waste a lot of money and time, but also cannot get good service.

Wainhouse Research, an independent research firm of promising video conferencing services in the United States, concluded that a good online video conferencing service provider would need to consider the quality of service and stability, ease of use and price. Service quality and stability considerations are mainly based on the operator’s network and service resources in mainland China. Good voice, video, shared quality and server deployment and professional network has a very critical relationship, and complete technical support staff is to protect the smooth and effective management of the reassurance.

At the same time, when companies negotiate with different conferencing service providers, due to the stealth costs, it is important to get a quote for all charges, where the cost of telephone and Web services must be clear. In the study of suppliers of service quality with the price, but also consider the ease of use of the conference products, ezTalks video conferencing industry experience to allow users to be assured.

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