How Do The States, EPA and Tribes Work Efficiently To Enforce The Environmental Laws?

The main objective of EPA is to ensure that human health and the environment is protected. The state, local, EPA and the tribal agencies efficiently work together to make sure it is compliant with the environmental laws. The laws passed by the state legislatures and congress cover four main environmental regulations mentioned below:

  • To control the emission discharge of the pollution
  • Regulation of the industrial products and waste
  • Fulfil the public information requirements
  • To clean the contaminated sites

Besides this, there are several local and tribe laws aim to protect the health and environment. Initially, congress passes a law and EPA drafts the regulation to clarify how it will put into effect. Several enforcement programs have been developed by EPA to provide required assistance and guidance.

Useful things to be taken care of while proceeding

Our federal environment laws have set certain national standards for the protection of the environment. The state must adopt the laws that must be as stringent as the federal laws. The EPA has certain pre-defined oversight responsibilities over activities of the state. In order to achieve the efficient enforcement, EPA works in co-operation with the states. They will share the work and grant funds to support approved state programs.

Check out the strategies they use

The EPA makes use of innovative strategies to solve several environmental problems. They will combine the incentives, compliance assistance, enforcement tools and monitoring tools to get best results. With the compliance assistance, the regulated community can fulfill their environmental obligations.

They work hard to achieve the environmental results through the compliance incentives. With the right enforcement and monitoring, you can assure compliance with the laws. EPA with other state agencies works really hard to educate the regulated community.

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In order to protect the environment, it is important to meet the environmental regulations. Here are certain ways to check whether a facility is in order with the regulations and environmental laws. The EPA will conduct certain inspection to ensure compliance with the environmental laws. The inspectors will keep a check that all the procedures and followed and the permits are in order.

The EPA can ask the industries to monitor the discharges and emissions regularly. They will further report the results to the government. Some of the important compliance issues are reporting of inaccurate information, failure to monitor and so on. These problems are further eliminated, which is seen as a part of enforcement strategy.

At the end, they will conduct a more comprehensive and detailed assessment. They will suggest the potential for widespread and serious criminal violations.

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