How Much You Should Be Drinking Coffee Per Day?

Who does not love coffee? Many of us cannot spend more than a day without drinking at least a cup delicious, in any version, because it helps us feel more energetic and active during the day. However, many could be overstepping its consumption without even knowing, as we excuse the many benefits and advantages it has for our health and we forget that a high intake can be harmful.

And although it is considered a very favorable infusion for our body, you should know that you need to drink the proper dosage for each, and here are a number of factors that could consider knowing what your right amount of coffee.

Different Person, Different Quantity

Beyond it is concluded that the right amount of caffeine per day is 400 milligrams, it is extremely important to consider that everybody responds differently to the stimulus. I.e. have to listen to your body and how it reacts to caffeine. Perhaps this amount does not alter your welfare, but other people may drink half and finished with a strong discomfort.

How Much Coffee Do You Drink Every Day

Your Health

The portions are set as appropriate taking into account a healthy person. However, if you suffer from heart disease, digestive problems or anxiety problems, it is recommended that you reduce your intake of caffeine daily. Again, the appropriate amount is relative and no single dose that can be considered ” ideal ”.


Something you do have very clear is that drinking coffee helps to lose sleep, which is one of the main reasons why you eat. But as this may be a great ally when getting up, it is recommended that at least six hours before bedtime you suspend consumption, since its effect can interfere with your sleep and affect the rest.


Yes … Like it or not, our genes play an extremely important role in everything that is related to our health and wellbeing role. Therefore, people who genetically have a tendency to heart problems or high blood pressure should probably drink less coffee than those who have a lower risk for these diseases.

What else is in your Cup?

So far, I have referred only to the consumption of caffeine. But you should not forget that most of the time you consume coffee, too sugar, milk or artificial sweeteners, among other things. Therefore, it is not only coffee consumption but every time you drink it, also you include a lot of calories that may not have been given but which may affect your health, even as the worst coffee.

You should not be alarmed if you are ‘addicted to coffee’ ‘, just make sure it is not affecting your health and your mood. It’s about your body and carefully observes their reactions to the amount you drink per day, and if you notice that your body is damaging in some respect it is recommended that you reduce your intake.

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