How Synthetics Are Changing The Drug World

How Synthetics Are Changing The Drug World

The drug world is currently abundant with options for people to choose from. And unfortunately, the ubiquitousness of drug and alcohol abuse is leading many people to use synthetic drugs as well. However, synthetics are making alcohol and other drugs look weak.

How Synthetics Are Changing The Drug World

What are Synthetics?

A synthetic is a man-made drug that’s not natural. It tends to be comprised of chemicals that are intended to resemble a natural product. In some cases, like with bath salts, the drugs’ ingredients are unknown. Bath salts were designed to imitate amphetamines. In fact, they mimic them and are comprised of cathinone that comes from the khat plant. The synthetic in bath salts has the ability produce euphoria and make a person more social. However, some people experience agitation, hallucinations and paranoia. People may also exhibit violent or psychotic behaviors. And this is just one example. Other synthetics include K2 and salvia. The chemicals in synthetics are artificial and are only designed to mock the effect of drugs that aren’t legal including cocaine and cannabis. Oftentimes, they are more potent than the illicit drugs that are already on the market.They may come in pill, powder or dried herb form. When in dried herb form, they are soaked in an artificial, psychoactive chemical.

Changes in the Drug World

A new drug can pop up at any time, leaving it up to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other officials to investigate what a drug is made of. It’s not known what is in synthetics. Although illicit drugs may be laced with other substances, people know even less about the chemicals found in them.

Generally, people react in a similar manner each time they take prescription or non synthetic illicit drugs. They may notice the effects are greater or there are minor differences from the time before when they used it. On the contrary, people never know exactly how they will react on a synthetic because the ingredients are so varied.

People have been hospitalized over taking the synthetics because overdosing on them is so easy. In some cases, people actually die. Since little is known about the drugs, there’s not much information about how they react with other drugs or alcohol. It could possibility be lethal or cause a person to have a severe reaction. If a person is too incoherent from a drug, it’s difficult for medical professionals to figure out what he or she took without the person saying. In some cases, the synthetic can’t be detected on a drug test, which may harm people even further since it’s not known what’s in their system.

Synthetic drugs have been known to pave the way for people to look for more potent drugs. Due to their indistinct set of ingredients, there’s little known about how addictive they are or what happens when people become addicted. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to synthetic drug call our facility today to speak with a representative.

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