How To Adorn Home With Geeky Christmas Decorative And Ornaments?

Christmas is a time kids and adults wait eagerly for, all over the world. It is the ideal season to bond with people you consider close to your heart. Apart from gorging on delicacies like the turkey roast and cake, you also plan to decorate the house and interiors with crafts and decorative. While there are some stock Christmas decorative and ornaments that you can find in many homes like Christmas tree, reindeer and Santa figurines, you can choose to be different. After all, there is no hard and fast rule about Christmas room décor and you can be creative. In fact, you can unleash the geek in you with such decorative items during Christmas. Below listed are some geeky and unusual Christmas décor ideas that will attract attention of your guests.

How To Adorn Home With Geeky Christmas Decorative And Ornaments?

In the name of your Superhero

You must have read their stories and watched their superhuman acts with baited breath in your growing up years. The heroics of superman, spider man and Batman are etched in our mind, as it is. Create decorative balls with symbols of these mighty superheroes to spruce up your rooms. Wrap plastic balls with glossy paper and paste superhero signs like batman’s logo or superman’s signatory S mark on the balls. You can also use signs of other superheroes who caught your fancy. Mix and match those balls and hang them around the Christmas tree.

Relive Star Trek Days

The kids of present generation may not relate to them but those who grew up in the 1980s cannot forget the magical and epic proportioned Star Trek series. Use some of the famous Strap Trek figures to create geeky Christmas showpieces. You can find lots of images online and take their printout at home. Then cut those printouts and put them in aptly shaped photo frames. You may also use sepia printout for creating a retro effect.

Alien Invasion

It is hard to find anyone nowadays who has not seen alien flicks or at least read about extraterrestrial beings. Aliens need not be scary, at least for Christmas decorations. You can make a few funky looking Alien figurines at home for Christmas. While bright green and white is ideal color for such figurines, you can also use blue and purple for variation. Make the alien figure with wool or painted fabric and put a red capo on head, Santa style! Hang the alien figure around the tree or near the doors.

Balls with Creepy Wings

Most people adorn their Christmas tree and table with colorful balls. You can do something different. Wrap plastic or paper balls with satin hued fabric or spray paint with metallic colors. Now make twp small incisions on sides of the ball and attach wings made of paper or stiffened fabric into the holes, shaped like wings. Ensure the wing colors are different from ball colors. Ideally, they should be of muted shades.

Mother board Christmas Cake

It may sound somewhat weird but the real geeks will jump at the idea. It can be made at home. If you do not like the idea of eating a cake shaped like PC motherboard, use it for purely decorative purpose. Use cream colored base for the cake and with different colored creams and fruits set up memory slots, power unit and CPU unit.

Christmas Messages with Old Keyboard

Do you have an old computer no longer used in the attic? You can use keys of its dusty keyboard to make Christmas messages and hang them around the table or Christmas tree. Use colorful strings or beads to tie the keys together and display the words vertically.

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