How To Apply For An MSHI

You have decided to be proactive in improving your career opportunities in the technology and healthcare fields and have decided to apply for a Masters of Science in Health Informatics. Given the growing emphasis on making sure medical records are available in digital form and the rapidly changing regulations concerning healthcare, an MSHI is an invaluable asset for those who are considering a healthcare career that does not involve directly administering treatment. You are likely to have a number of questions before deciding to begin the application process, such as where to apply, what qualifications you need, and what kind of program you are looking for.

Why Earn an MSHI?

Before tackling more specific questions, it is useful to think about why you are applying for an MSHI to begin with. Are you a doctor or a nurse who wants to expand your grasp of technological and business concepts and achieve an administrative position in a hospital or clinic? Do you have a background in technology and want to focus your energies in the healthcare field? Do you have a bachelors degree in humanities and are simply fascinated with the concept of health informatics? The kind of degree you should pursue depends on your educational and training background and what you hope to achieve.

If you are focused more on the technological and data aspect of health informatics, your goal may be to assist a research team at a government organization or a private facility. You could go into consulting work and use data analysis to convince administrative staff where to cut costs and deliver more efficient care to patients. You could have a medical degree and want to improve your grasp on the business and data side of treatment. Once you have specific goals in mind, you can look for the program that is right for you.

Applying for an MSHI

Whether you want to earn a masters in health informatics at Adelphi University or another institution, you should familiarize yourself with the coursework ahead of time by looking at the catalog or browsing through the website. Find out if there are prerequisite courses you need to take prior to applying and if you need to take standardized tests such as the GMAT or the GRE. Whether you want to pursue your degree online or on campus, you should fill out an application form, which may include an essay and two references. Find out what  further requirements are needed at Adelphi or wherever you want to pursue your degree.

Choosing a Program

Narrowing down your choices can seem like a challenge, but trimming your list down to five schools does not need to be complicated. You can apply to more, but applying to too many schools may make the process cumbersome. Decide whether you want to study online or on campus. The advantage of an online degree is that you can continue pursuing your career while you earn  your graduate degree. That eliminates the need to interrupt your career, and ongoing work can enhance your grasp of your studies because you can apply concepts in a practical setting as you learn them.

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