How To Choose A Car Cell Phone Signal Booster

How To Choose A Car Cell Phone Signal Booster

A survey by the Pew Internet found that no less than 72% of Americans experience an interruption in receiving mobile signals, and 32% of Americans experience interruptions in receiving cellular signals several times a week. In fact, this issue is one big problem for some people. After doing research for many years, the FCC has officially approved the use of signal amplifiers to distribute the signals to some areas that are not covered by the strong and stable signals.

How To Choose A Car Cell Phone Signal Booster

Causes of Bad Signal

When the signal interference comes, there are at least two causing factors; distance from the nearest signal transmitter tower and obstructions both permanent and temporary.

How to overcome the signal reception interference

Distance from the Nearest Transmitter Tower

Each signal provider offers coverage through networks of signal transmitter tower which are positioned based on certain considerations. Ideally, every time you are in mobile signal coverage, your smartphone will be automatically connected to the nearest transmitter tower, and this continues to the next nearest towers when you move.

But when you come to the edge of the cell signal coverage, you will suffer signal degradation to a point where your smartphone cannot consistently capture cell signals; this condition is a condition where you experience an interruption in cell signal reception.


When the cell signal through the air, each object located between the tower and your smartphone will cause interference, especially if you’re traveling by car. You may pass through the hills, tall buildings, metal walls, several bridges, and so forth. They are various obstacles that will bring in a certain level disruption.

Next we will discuss what meant by a cell signal booster. A cell signal booster designed specifically to capture the signal, amplify the signal that has been captured, and channel it back to the regions which are poor in signal. This system can function by installing an external antenna in a location where cellular signals exist, in the case of traveling by car, external antenna are usually mounted on the roof of the car.

Signals captured by the external antenna and routed to the amplifiers. Once amplified, the signals will be supplied to the internal antenna to then broadcast back to poor signal areas. Each signal booster system can work in reverse, where the signals from cell phones are supplied to the internal antenna, amplifier, and the external antenna to then will be sent back to the transmitter tower. These steps cause the sequence of communication that can take place in two directions. You can buy a car cell phone booster from MyAmplifiers.

How to Choose

When selecting a signal amplifier product you need to consider three aspects, namely supporting network, signal strength, and the size of the area.

Network Support

The mobile signal amplifier is designed to amplify specific frequencies associated with particular providers and the types of network used (2G, 3G, or 4G LTE). The first thing you need to know is that the operator can support your dynamic activities.

Outside Signal Strength and Region Size

The outside signal strength is a determinant of the strength of a signal amplifier to provide signal coverage. The weaker the outside signal, the greater the capacity of the signal amplifier that should be provided. For the case of driving with a car, you do not have to worry about because the signal coverage area will be only focused on your car cabin.

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