How To Choose An ATV For A Beginner

How To Choose An ATV For A Beginner

Do you want to hit the tracks on an ATV but don’t know exactly which one to get? Well, the best news is there are a lot more choices than ever before. So, you can get a perfect machine to suit your riding style and of course intended use. But this amazing news makes cutting down the option more difficult.

How To Choose An ATV For A Beginner

With today’s four wheelers coming with long term durability, buying an ATV is a big investment that you simply can’t take lightly. Through research, you can go to a dealer fully armed to buy an ATV that is not only easy to ride and fits you right but also has some advance features, plenty of power and a thrill factor to get you going.

One of the popular investment for people who love outdoor fun, choosing an ATV depends on how you plan on using it and it’s engine size. Trail riding, hunting, track riding motorcross racing etc. are few of the ways people use Electric ATVs for. 1000W 36V, 1300W 48V, 1200W 48V are the motor sizes that you have to decide on according to your age.

The best way to buy an ATV is by taking into the consideration your age and experience to get the maximum enjoyment out of it. You may be borrowing your friend’s quad for months and now want to grab one of your own. Or perhaps you want to go on a fun trail riding with your friends. Or if you are a part of a family with kids, you all won’t be riding the same one. So, let’s see how can you choose the right ATV for yourself:

How To Choose

The first thing you need to decide on is what are your plans for the ATV. An entry level quad with a 125cc to 250cc engine will be perfect for your kid if it’s a fun in the sun on a trail or track. This will provide enough power to have fun while pushing your limits but not too much which might get you hurt.

For children under 11, ATVs up to 110cc engine is the best choice while the 125cc engine is perfect for kids between the age of 12 to 15 years. Beginner adults or older teens can ride a quad with an engine of 125cc to 250cc and as for intermediate to advanced riders, ATVs with an engine of 250cc and above is the ideal choice.

Once you have decided on your type of ATV, you can choose a dealer to buy one. Some people also go for used ones, but the problem with them is the unknown history. The most reputable and reliable option is a dealer. If possible, take a test ride and figure out if it’s the right one for you.

The Riding Gear

You may be thinking that riding an ATV will eliminate the need for body protection but you can’t be more wrong, especially if you are a beginner. It’s pretty much similar to riding a car without a seat belt. Getting thrown or bumped off from your quad is real possibility, more so for beginners, especially if you are riding in an unfamiliar area.

When it comes to ATV riding gear, it is not much different than a dirt 49Cc Pocket Bike riding gear. With all the adrenaline running through you while riding an ATV, it can be an extreme and thrilling experience. As rollovers and tipping are common accidents with ATV, riding without your protective gear can be fatal and hazardous. From helmets, boots, gloves to chest protectors and goggles, they all are extremely necessary. So, ensure that you own these gears and wear whenever you are riding your ATV, regardless of weather conditions.

Have Fun Quad Riding

Riding a quad can offer you a lifetime of fun, adventure and excitement if enjoyed within your limits and responsibly. You may be tempted to own the biggest and meanest 4 wheeler but if you can’t handle this much power, you may get seriously hurt. So, start slow as you would on any new venture, then move up to a larger engine while overcoming the challenges that come along your way.

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