How To Clean Car Covers

Car covers can be perfect in maintaining the present condition of your car. When you use a car cover, you are giving it protection against bird droppings, tree sap, leaves, dust, and all kinds of debris that can damage the beauty of your car. Automatically, if your car cover is providing protection from these things, it only means that the car cover can get dirty. When you see that the cover is starting to get dirty, you can actually adopt ways on how to clean it properly. Having a car cover that is well-cleaned also adds to the look of your car making it look a lot nicer, and your car cover will last long.

How To Clean Car Covers


Sap from trees – The first thing you need to do is to rub it using denatured alcohol or it could also be mineral spirits. Take a paper towel and dab or scrape using a plastic knife in order to remove the sap. There is a chance that it will take elbow grease, but you should see it come out.

Bird droppings – You can apply stain remover first, or vinegar. Then take a sponge water with soap to wash them off. You should not have a hard time removing them from the car cover.

Dirt- In case there is an excess build-up of dirt on the car cover, try to put a spray stain remover before washing.

If you will hand wash the car cover

You have the option to remove or let the car cover stay on your vehicle for handwashing. Leaving the car cover makes it easier for you to clean the entire surface area of the car cover.

How To Clean Car Covers

  • You can prepare by first mixing one ounce of mild dish-washing liquid for every quart of warm water.
  • The next thing to do is to apply water with soap using a sponge or choose a brush with soft bristles to clean away the dirt gently.
  • In order to rinse everything off, use running water until all the suds are gone.
  • To dry the car cover, make sure to allow it to air dry prior to storing.

If you will use a machine to wash the car cover

Before you insert the car cover, make sure to remove the center agitator.

  • You first have to insert the car cover into the washer and use warm water to fill it up. When it is already full, take the laundry detergent and add ¼ cup of it into the washer.
  • When the detergent has been added, set it to the correct wash cycle.
  • To rinse everything off, the run cycle needs to be run twice to make sure that all of the detergent is removed.
  • Let the cover to air dry completely prior to placing it back onto the vehicle or if you want to store it.

Important advice

1. You should never attempt to dry clean the car cover and you should never consider using a fabric softener because it will cancel out the water resistance capabilities of the car cover.

2. The dryer is not a place for specialty or non-woven covers. Keep in mind that if your car cover is made of poly-cotton, flannel or cotton, you might be able to dry it using low heat. Read the care instructions properly.

3. You should not use agitators to wash the car cover in washing machines.

4. Hot water should not be used to clean car covers.

5. Make sure that the detergent you are using does not contain any bleach.

You need to remember that there are car covers that are totally waterproof

How To Clean Car Covers

Good quality car covers are made with different levels of water-resistance and at the same time allowing your vehicle to breathe even if it is providing maximum protection. In case your car gets exposed to different elements that can harm it, always use a car cover to protect it.

Follow the given tips to clean your car cover and make it last long. You will need them to be in good condition so that it will be nice to look at once you place it on your car. Make sure to buy the best one for your car and learn how to make it last.

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