How To Comfortably Use Digital Cameras During A Trip?

During a trip, it is quite likely that we will bring a digital camera with us. If our vacation trips tend to be far and few between, these pictures should allow us to look back into the past. In general, this could feel like a wonderful experience. With a digital camera, we should be able to capture various experiences during our trip. These experiences can be far too complex to explain with only simple words. There are many stumbling blocks that could prevent us from using the digital camera appropriately. As an example, our digital cameras could run out of battery juice and this is not a good thing to start a morning.

Wall outlets can be quite scarce in some hotels. Typically, hotels only provide one outlet for charging any of our devices. This may not be a good thing if we have multiple electronic devices that we need to bring the following day. In this situation, we should find out whether we can unplug the bedside lamps, desk lamps or TV set. This should provide us with additional outlets to charge our camera. Some trains also don’t have power adapters and during a longer trip, we may need to bring multiple spare batteries. These batteries can be charged simultaneously in the hotel room.

If we travel to a longer distance, we should consider choosing cameras with AA batteries. This is suitable if we want to spend more than three days in outdoors locations. However, these cameras are not the most efficient, because buying AA batteries each day will increase our travel budget. It is also important that our camera is compatible with local plugs, if not, we may need an additional plug. We should make a research to make sure that we bring the right plug. Another problem is finding ways to offload our images and videos. Again, we should consider bringing a few spare memory cards.

In general, a 32GB memory card is more than enough for the whole trip, as long as we don’t continuously record videos at 4k resolution with our high-end digital camera. If we have 8GB or 16GB memory card, we should consider using lower picture resolutions for standard images. We may increase the resolution for more special occasion, especially if we plan to hang the picture on the wall. In any case, we should avoid using 4GB memory card or lower, because they are not enough for a long trip. Also, it is important to make sure that the memory card is completely empty and we have transferred all the pictures to our computer at home.

It is quite likely that we bring a tablet or smartphone with us during a trip. If our camera is equipped with Bluetooth connection, we may offload some of the images to these mobile devices. If there is still no available storage left, we could transfer the picture to popular cloud storage, such as Google Drive. It is also sensible to bring a portable SSD hard drive that can withstand the bumps and shocks of any trip. We may transfer files in a local Internet cafe.

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