How To Communicate Your Expectations To Any Child Entertainer

Sometimes it can be very difficult to hire a child entertainer who can automatically meet or surpass your expectations when entertaining at your child’s party. However, sometimes it isn’t the fault of the child entertainer for not performing well enough but instead it is the parents who never tried to communicate their expectations in the first place. Here’s how you can do so to avoid having hiring poor performing child entertainer for your next party.

How To Communicate Your Expectations To Any Child Entertainer

  • Publish an advert in the papers

Regardless of what media platform you choose to utilize, you should publish an ad that contains all of the necessary information you need regarding the qualities and expectations you have on the child entertainer. You can put in basically any sort of request that you want, maybe you want the child entertainer to come dressed as a particular character or if you want them to be able to juggle because you know that’s what your children love to see.

This is a great way to find the right match for your needs because not every child entertainer will have the skillset or will be able to perform to your expectations. At least when you have communicated clearly enough in the ad, those child entertainer who do not meet your criteria will simply ignore your ad while those who think they can do the job will give you a call immediately.

  • Talking to people who have hired any child entertainer before

If you have a wide social network or if you are an active participant on any general forums discussing any child entertainer issues, then you could simply ask them to see if they know of anyone who might fit the description. Regardless of how powerful Facebook and Twitter are, they will never surpass or even match the power of the word of mouth. When people have enjoyed something in the past, they will want to share it with others, the same goes if they have experienced something negative and they will want to tell others to avoid going through the same experience as them.

You can actually share your demands or expectations to this group of individuals who can then in turn recommend you several child entertainer specialists provided that your demands are not too strict. This is a great way to start your search by only having good referrals to talk to.

  • Ask direct questions

Finally, you will want to meet with the child entertainer directly and see if they can really perform all the things you need them to. Ask direct questions and judge for yourself whether they are really the best fit for you or not.

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