How To Deal With Stress

Although everyday stressful situations are impossible to evade, there are very effective ways of reducing that stress. We give you the six simplest ways, among which you can find the right solution for you. Read on to find out what they are all about.

1. Drink Tea

Instead of coffee or an energy drink, drink some green tea. A large dose of caffeine increases your blood pressure in a short amount of time, and tea has less caffeine than coffee, as well as some other, more healthy things. And, tea tastes great so that’s another plus. The British don’t drink tea for nothing. They know what’s up.

2. Exercise

Exercising doesn’t always mean going to the gym or running. Even a short walk or stretching, it will give you relief after a stressful situation. Getting the blood flowing releases endorphins that improves your mood in an instant. You’ve heard stories of people feeling much better after working out, so why shouldn’t you use this little trick to make yourself feel better? And on the plus side, you will look great.

How To Deal With Stress

3. Listen to Music

If you can’t fight a stressful situation, try taking a little break and play some classical music. Relaxing music has a positive effect on the brain and the body, it reduces stress hormones and blood pressure. If you don’t like classical music, play some other music you like. Basically, any music you like works. It doesn’t really have to be classical music but most people give that example, well, because it’s classical. If you love rock, play some rock. If you are a huge fan of rap music, play that. Whatever your choice is, it will relax you and make you feel better in an instant.

4. Color Therapy

It is probably not a coincidence that sky blue and sea blue are colors that relax. The color blue has a soothing effect and can actually drop the temperature of the body. Rooms painted in blue are very relaxing, but you can get the same effect from looking at a picture with lots of blue in it. Colors can literally do magic in spaces. It doesn’t even have to be blue. Green is also a great choice. Nature makes us very calm, and what color is nature? Mostly? Green. So you get the connection.

5. Go into Gardening

Gardening is a great activity that strengthens the muscles, it develops coordination, balance and flexibility, and it also reduces the level of cortizol in the blood that is released by stress. Gardening connects one with nature, and being in touch with nature leads the mind into a state similar to meditation, which is as you can guess, great.

6. Lots of light

There’s this little thing called seasonal depression where people feel down during the Winter and the colder months. And guess what therapy is used for that? Lots of light. So, that works. If you’re feeling down, those Venetin blinds on your windows might just be the problem. Let some light in and instantly feel amazing.

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