How To Fix A Water Damaged Mobile Phone

How To Fix A Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Once in the lifetime, almost every person meets with a situation, where they accidentally drop their iPhone in water and then look for iPhone repair water damage in Hamilton. Dropping iPhone in water results in a serious panic attack and there are things that you might end up doing which will eventually cause more damage to your mobile phone. Following some of the below mentioned tips can prevent you from making such mistakes and can even help you fix your mobile phone.

How To Fix A Water Damaged Mobile Phone

External Drying

The first step to save the mobile phone after it drops in the water is to remove it as soon as possible and let it air dry. Second thing you should focus on is to not plug in the mobile phone charger to the wet phone as this can lead to a short circuit. Very carefully open the mobile phone and remove the battery and sim. Once this is done, let it dry for sometime in the air. Sometimes, when water hasn’t reached much inside the phone, air drying can help in restoring and saving the mobile phone.

Drying with uncooked rice

After the phone has been air dried and you still feel it isn’t in its best condition then you should totally go with the uncooked rice method. This is an amazing tick to get your mobile phone dry is to put it inside a bed of uncooked rice. Make sure that the mobile phone is completely covered with the uncooked rice grains in order to ensure that it gets dried up soon. Using hair dryers and other heat treatments can cause even more damage to your mobile phone. So, it would be the best if you refrain yourself from doing so. The purpose of using uncooked rice is to remove as much of water from the phone as possible.

Drying with Silica gel sachets

This method can also be used in the place of uncooked rice. The purpose of using silica gels is also the same, you just have to remove as much of water from the system of the phone as possible. Cover your mobile phone with silica gel sachets completely and they will magically soak in as much of water as they can. It will take around 48 hours for your mobile phone to dry completely and silica gel will soak water from your mobile phone in the most efficient way.

Use Waterproof iPhone cases

The last piece of advice for saving your wet mobile phones is of using waterproof iPhone cases and covers. As prevention is always better than cure, making use of waterproof iPhone cases is the actual version of it. There are plenty of waterproof iPhone cases available with different designs and patterns.

It is completely possible to save your iPhone, after it gets wet and some of the simplest procedures for the same are mentioned in the above section of the blog. Each of the method is a tested and proven method and have saved a lot of mobile phones from getting damaged in the past. You can use any or all of the above mentioned tricks to save you mobile phone from getting damaged.

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