How To Improve Your Business Using Estate Agent Displays?

How To Improve Your Business Using Estate Agent Displays?

There are many different types of window and retail display. If you have a physical product to sell – such as clothes or electrical goods or hardware – then it’s a good idea to display the actual items to your potential customers to their best advantage.

If you’re selling something that you can’t actually get into the window or into the shop, however, such as houses, for example, or items on a restaurant menu, then you need an alternative. The aptly named estate agent display allows you to display photos and descriptions of property in a neat and attractive way. It also allows for quick and easy changes to be made to the information on display without the need to dismantle the whole thing and start again. Yet in many cases the displays are also movable so that you can rearrange your display space as required, and you can opt for built-in lighting to help them stand out.

How To Improve Your Business Using Estate Agent Displays?

Types of Display

This type of display comes in a number of forms. There are wire-suspended units that can be used to fill an entire window – most commonly seen in estate agencies. For inside the premises you can opt for wall-mounted displays that make it easy for customers to browse. There are also free-standing units that can be placed near the entrance or in other floor space. These are usually angled for easy reading, and there are backlit versions available too, allowing you to show off your information to the best advantage.

This makes for a versatile range of displays which isn’t restricted to the selling of houses.

Not Just for Houses

Of course, although it’s called an estate agent display, its use isn’t restricted to estate agencies. This type of display that allows you to show off images and documents can be found in a whole range of other business applications too.

They’re good for museum and gallery displays, for example, allowing information to be shown alongside exhibits and giving details of prices. Using LED-lit displays allows you to subtly draw attention to the information shown without compromising ambient light levels around the rest of the space.

Another good use for this type of display is in restaurants. Menus and special offers can be placed in a free-standing display at the entrance or where customers wait to be seated, allowing them to browse with ease.

There’s also the option to place this type of display in restaurant windows, helping to promote the business and attract passing trade. Again, the use of an LED-lit display ensures that your information stands out and catches the eye. The wiring of the unit is neatly routed through the base, so it’s unobtrusive and allows the display to be placed in a range of locations.

Displays come in a variety of sizes, from lectern-style stands to display a single document – ideal for menus or showing party bookings. These can be height-adjustable too, so you can position them to make them easily readable to all. Larger displays can display multiple documents, allowing you to show multiple pages of a menu, wine lists, details of special promotions, opening hours and so on.

Ease of Use

Display units are supplied flat-packed for assembly on site, so they’re a convenient option, and shipping costs are kept to a minimum when purchasing. Free-standing units have a weighted base to keep them in place safely and ensure there’s no danger of their tipping over. However, they can be easily relocated if required, so you can make effective use of your floorspace when rearranging it for different events.

Wiring for the lighting is routed down the display’s supports and out through the base for a neat, tidy and safe operation. A snap frame opening on the display itself means that it’s simple and quick to change the items on display when needed, so there’s no excuse for their being out of date.

Whether you’re displaying information to customers or potential customers in a restaurant or you actually happen to be an estate agent, it’s easy to see why this type of display is a popular and useful means of getting information across to your customers in a cost-effective, professional and attractive way.

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