How To Maintain Your Coffee Machine?

How To Maintain Your Coffee Machine?

Your coffee machine is starting to show signs of fatigue? Do not wait for the breakdown! Here is a little tutorial to clean your coffee maker, whatever the model. With a few tips you can extend the life of your device while enjoying a quality coffee. And promised, it will not take you too much effort!

At that she often should I clean my coffee maker?

Obviously, if you find that your coffee maker is scaled or that your espresso no longer has the same taste: it is urgent to intervene!

The ideal is especially to maintain your device with regularity

How often your manual or automatic coffee machine is serviced depends on:

– How it is used

– The complexity of the model

– And the hardness of your water.

> Indeed, if it is a family best coffee maker machine, used once or twice a day by 2 people, you can practice a quarterly cleaning.

> On the other hand, if it is a business machine preparing more than 10 coffees a day, it is recommended to maintain it monthly.

The type of machine also influences cleaning. A filter coffee machine requires less regular maintenance than a grain machine because the mechanics are much less complex. In any case, we recommend opening the eye; it is with the use that you will find the rhythm of maintenance most adapted to your device.

How To Maintain Your Coffee Machine?

The right actions to prolong the life of your coffee machine

Tip 1: read the manual before use, you will get valuable information for the maintenance of your machine

Tip 2: rinse your machine regularly by running a coffee…. without coffee

Tip 3 : Clean accessible parts (cup holder, the filter holder, or the water tank ..) weekly with a sponge.

Tip 4: If possible, use filtered water to limit the appearance of lime scale, or a filter cartridge.

Tip 5: Perform a full scale dealing with a suitable product once a month or quarter

Tip 6: Degrease your device with a detergent about 1 time per month to eliminate natural fat deposits

Tip 7: (for espresso machines): Wash the steam nozzle regularly with water and complete the cleaning with a rinse aid. It is important to do this because the nozzle is sometimes used with milk for gourmet drinks, and curdling it can become dangerous to health.

Tip 8: Use the right amount of water and coffee each time you use it. It is better to overfill the water tank than not enough otherwise the pump will draw air into the circuit.

Tip 9: Do not place your coffee maker next to a stove; the heat that emerges can affect some components of your machine

Tip 10: Turn off your coffee machine when you’re not using it

Why does my coffee maker get stuck?

Tartar is formed more or less quickly depending on the hardness of your water. The more your water is limestone, the faster your coffee machine becomes.

By heating, the water deposits mineral particles on the walls of your coffee maker; it is the unsightly white deposit that you can see with the naked eye. It is a natural phenomenon that can be limited, but not completely prevented.

The consumption of limestone is fortunately not dangerous for health, but it seriously compromises the life of your machines. Not to mention that by impeding the flow of your coffee, the taste qualities of your favorite espresso are dropping! It is therefore necessary to perform regular decaling.

How To Maintain Your Coffee Machine?

And concretely, how to clean my coffee machine?

Here is what we recommend for each type of machine:

The decaling can be done with a mixture of water and white vinegar (2/3 – 1/3) poured into the tank. Run the vinegar water and rinse the water container and carafe with warm, clear water. Finally, pour three times of clear water into the coffeemaker to rinse it effectively.

Clean a professional espresso machine

Clean professional coffee machine percolator crusher

Professional espresso machines (such as coffee beans , ESE pods , Espresso Point , Lavazza Blue , Illy often require more maintenance) To help you, many have a red light that lights up when descaling is necessary Some of them also have a self-cleaning cycle

Forget any attempt to clean with white vinegar to avoid damaging your machine…

You can rescale them with gel and pellets, Always respect the instructions for use for a grain machine, you will often need to empty the grounds container and the drip tray, and clean it once a week to prevent grease and mold deposits.

Also remember to clean the percolation group (with each new kilo of coffee – about 150 cups), some are removable and others not, in this case the use of cleaning tablet is essential. Think also about the milk circuit!

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