How To Make Your Facebook Posts Viral

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Viral

When you start to manage a Facebook page, you need to know that there are some rules you should follow if you want your brand to benefit from online success. When posting on behalf of your page, following some simple rules can significantly increase the number of likes and comments of your posts.

1. Your Audience

First, you must know your audience and create posts based on the profile of your potential customer. If you manage a page of a company that sells high quality cosmetic products, for example, your posts should give tips that would interest women. If you promote your products in a unique way and use appropriate language, your fans will become more loyal to your brand.

2. What makes a Post Viral?

Before trying to make your post viral, make sure it is simple, concise and charged with emotion. Next, the time you decide to publish your post is also important. Think about your typical customers and the time you believe they are normally active on Facebook.

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Viral

3. Less is More

If you have a bad habit of writing long posts, it would be best to give it up before your fans decide to unsubscribe for your page. At the same time, if you believe one of your posts has a bigger chance to become viral, make use of the Highlight button to direct your fans’ attention towards it.

4. Call to Action

Posts that involve the fans directly are more likely to become viral. Even though some people complain about being asked to like or share something, studies indicate that such post are more successful than others. So make sure you always ask for their opinion, or encourage them to share or click on interesting link, representative for your business.

5. Buying Facebook Interaction

There are very great companies on the internet that you can buy Facebook status likes and buy Facebook post shares from. We recommend Of course you can get these services for cheaper but beware you get what you pay for!

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