How to Make Your House Kids Proof?

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Kids are an innocent creature of God. They don’t know about the good and bad, the kid tries everything no matter that act or thing is harmful to them or not. When parents give birth to their kids they do promise with their infants that they will keep them safe and will protect them from every danger and hard situation of life. Every family when buying a home no mater is planning to buy property in Creek Harbour or somewhere else in the UK but the most important thing is the safety of their children. Making your home kids proof is somehow not too much difficult but a hectic process too. You can make your home kids proof by following some major techniques give below.

Get Moving

When kids start their first walk they don’t know how to stop or where to stop except by abrupt sitting down. This abrupt sit down is dangerous for them if your home is not a kid’s proof. Most of the injuries happen to the children in the age of 1-5 years old (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). Toddlers some time hurt themselves very badly by pulling down heavy bureaus and cabinets on top of themselves. Cover all sharp ends in your home and use anti-tip straps for support of furniture. Use one end of the strap on the back of furniture and others on the wall.

Blocking Access

Make a blockage between the dangerous stuff of your home and the curious toddlers. Tamper-proof receptacles are necessary as 2,400 children usually suffer from severe shocks and burns because of uncovered electric receptacles (The National Fire Protection Association). Tamper-resistant receptacles usually block the plug slots because spring-mounted plates are being used in them

Remove Temptation

Don’t use any type of sharp things, if you have such type of sharp things remove them from tables and place them somewhere safe and away from the access of toddlers.

Locking Away Items

Keep your floors and home clean. Toddlers try everything, they will eat each and everything they find. The brass door jam is the source of attraction for most of the toddlers. Anything having a good taste will be eaten and drunk by kids no matter that is good for them or not.

Teen Proofing Is Important Too

Use a safety cabinet for your medicines. Keep guns locked in a safe and keep the ammunition separate from the gun.

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