How To Make Your Personal Renewable Energy Systems?

Are you prepared yourself to live off the grid? That would certainly mean getting rid of electricity bills. But this is not as easy as it look and sounds. There are certain procedures that you need to adhere by when you are trying to generate your own Renewable Energy Systems. The steps and procedures are here under discussed in this article, have a look at these.

How To Make Your Personal Renewable Energy Systems?

Assessment of Needs : This is the first step involved in setting up your own energy systems. Determine the amount of energy you require and then estimate the cost of installing the various energy systems like a solar panel, geothermal pump or a wind turbine for personal use. Each of these systems has different installation procedures and the cost involved in installing each of them is also varied. So depending on your requirements and availability go decide which system you want to install in your home.

Feasibility : You need to consider the feasibility of the installation of a Renewable Energy System sat your home. Like for installing the solar panel at your rooftop you need to consider the climatic conditions in your region. If your place remains cloudy and humid all throughout the year then installing a solar panel will be a mere wastage of money and nothing else. You also need to consider the orientation of your rooftop to the sun, whether your rooftop has adequate space for installation of the solar panels etc. For installing the wind turbines you need to consider the wind speed at your region. You can do this by taking the help of the professional services or also by following the wind maps of your place. For the installation of the geothermal pumps you need to consider the size of your property, accessibility and landscaping.

Consult a reputed contractor and obtain permits : Compare different bids offered by different contractors and decide on the basis of your requirement and availability. Once you select your contractor discuss your goals and plans with him. After you enter into a contract with your contractor you will need to apply for the electricity and building permit. If you are planning for a solar and wind system installation then you will need an additional inverter to be installed beside the billing meter. This will match the energy from solar panels or wind turbines with that of the grids. Also it needs production meter to be installed. This meter measures the unused energy that can be sold to the grid and benefit is taken by the resident energy consumers.

Follow up with annual maintenance and tax credits : Now that you have done with the installations, it is time for you to apply for the certification procedures for adhering to the federal tax and other credits. You also need to maintain the systems as per the installer guidelines to ensure the workability of the systems.

Thus installing the Renewable Energy System sat your home requires following certain guidelines after which you can enjoy your own energy systems without the worries of huge bills.

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