How To Prepare Yourself For Kidney Transplant?


There are thousands of people in the country waiting for kidney transplant. Thousands are added every month to the list.

 A kidney transplant is a surgery to install a kidney from a deceased or live donor into a patient whose kidney has become damaged or fails to function normally. The normal function of a kidney is to get rid of excess waste and fluid from the blood. There is a condition in which the kidneys lose their ability to filter causing dangerous accumulation waste and fluid in the body- it is called as end-stage kidney disease or kidney failure.

How To Prepare Yourself For Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplant is the ideal solution for kidney failure. Live-donor transplant of a kidney is a feasible option as only a single kidney is necessary to substitute for double set of failed kidneys. If you don’t find a compatible live donor of kidneys, you will be placed on a waiting list for kidneys. Sadly, this wait may take a few years. But you may have time to arrange for finances as per kidney transplant surgery cost in India.

Preparations for kidney transplant are as follows:

  • Make sure that you receive good care and strictly adhere to the treatment plan created in consultation with your medical team. This includes following a kidney- friendly diet, keeping a healthy weight, regularly consuming medication and attending important medical consultations while you wait for the kidney.
  • Gather emotional support: Most people are not aware of what the transplant procedure entails. Discuss with friends and family members about how you are feeling and enlist their encouragement and support for preparing emotionally for the transplant.
  • Realizing transplant is not a cure: It is a myth that transplant can cure kidney failure. It is only a treatment option. But it does help patents to return to normal life. The key fact is that after the procedure, patients must strictly consume regular medication so that the body does not reject the new kidney. Patents must eat balanced diet, do regular exercise and keep up with follow-up medical appointments.
  • Selecting a transplant center:

If a transplant is recommended by your doctor, reference to a transplant center may be advised. You are also given the freedom to select a transplant center on your own or consult a list from your insurance company.

For choosing a transplant center, you may desire to

-Ascertain the number and types of transplant conducted by it, on a yearly basis.

– Ask about the survival rates of the treatment by the center.

– Consider other facilities offered by the center like arranging support groups, helping with travel details, assisting you for temporary housing for the period of recovery and referring to other services.

  • Evaluation of patient:

After you have zeroed into a transplant centre, it will evaluate your condition if you are a feasible candidate for kidney transplant.

The transplant team will evaluate you if you:

  • Have enough health to undergo surgery and capacity to tolerate post procedure medications all your life.
  • Suffer from any medical conditions that will interfere with transplant.
  • Are able and willing to consume medications as directed by the medical team.
  • Have the capacity to bear the financial burden of kidney transplant in India cost.
  • Will find a donor who will be compatible for you.

These are some tips on how to face a kidney transplant.

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