How To Take A Good Selfie????

Taking Selphie of themselves or with their friends has become more popular than anything in the last 5 years. It was initially fun, but later on it leads to healthy competition between each teen’s mind to show how unique they are. Taking the sepia in different angles, different places, with persons, with different funny emotions are quite common in these days. Everyone likes to take their selphie and publish it on social media to show how creative, funny, unique they are. But many people face the problem for capturing a Selphie, here some tips to get a good Selphie of yours.

Checkout Yourself Once

Before taking it, check yourself once in your front cam, how do you look?? Everything looks good? Check your facial spots, facial posture, glow levels on your face… etc..

Angle of Your Trying

No one tries Selphie with straight forward as you take a photograph in the studio, it’s fun! So everyone tries something different. So check the angle and place from where you want to click for the pic.

How To Take A Good Selfie

Check Lighting Levels

We observe generally a good picture requires good lighting sources, for outdoors its sunlight, which helps us to catch a good picture in bright light source.

You Want to Highlight Something

If you’re thinking to highlight something like your earrings, bands, hair style, your expressions, emotions and anything that you want to highlight, make sure you did it once or twice before you capture it.

Check Backgrounds

While capturing the pics anything can go wrong, people can appear, some things can show up, photo bombing, inappropriate content or any else that should come in normal picture that everyone can see. So make sure you capture it without any unreachable or inappropriate content doesn’t take place in your photos.

Try Something New

Create some interest in a person’s mind to like your picture. Try something creative, innovative, fresh, unique, and different from others.

Show a Good Pose

Don’t capture the Selphie as your sending it to passport application; try to pose a good style in different positions with different expressions. Has an interesting expression simple smile, bubbly expression; try some pose that attracts people to have a look at pic.

Don’t Shake the Camera

After all everything gone correct if you shake the camera at perfect moment, everything vanishes that you’re trying for. So be still while you’re taking snap, take 2 to 3 seconds time to hold the camera in perfect unshakable position.

Take More Copies

Take multiple snap of a single phase; every frame is different from one another. If anything goes wrong in one picture next snap may come out pretty well, so better to snap more clicks for better pose.

Add Something Interest in Background/add Effects/Edit

It’s always a good habit edit the photo before you share it, add some good backgrounds, name yourself in it, write some quote, colorize, add filters, try something new. There’s plenty of apps for editing purpose each app gives plenty options and filters try the best shot for the picture to edit it. Show it to your friends, ask how edited one!! And share it on your profile enjoy likings from your friends and fans.

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