How To Take Great Care OF Your Guitar?

How To Take Great Care OF Your Guitar?

There are different types of guitars available on the market. The first step is to know what type of guitar is yours. The most popular one, known as the acoustic guitars are categorised into two different types, classical and steel-string. Classical guitars are made with a wider neck and nylon strings. They are played by strumming and plucking the strings with fingers and thumb so a pick is not used. On the other hand, Steel-string guitars give a metallic sound which is now a distinctive element in various contemporary music genres. It can be played with both, using a finger-style or a guitar-pick. Electric guitars are mostly associated with the music genre known as rock. These guitars are played with both, a pick as well as an amplifier as it does not give an acoustic sound due to its solid body. Breedlove guitars are the most popular ones and are the most globally used guitars.

How To Take Great Care OF Your Guitar?

How guitar has become an important instrument in the music industry:

Today, like guitar, no other musical instrument has gained the popularity that it has gained over the years, around the world in the field of music and all music genres. Musicians these days use guitars for almost all genres of music. It won’t be wrong to say western and country music would not have felt the same without a guitar. The Flamenco, a  famous Spanish traditional folk music, would not have existed if there was no guitar. The sound of American blues music wouldn’t sound anything like it is if the cry of the guitar wouldn’t be added to it. Last but not the least, rock and roll music would not exist without this music instrument. Companies like Breedlove guitars have now made the use of this instrument even more popular.

Many well-known musicians, throughout history, have played this instrument that we call “guitar.” The very renowned Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini wrote and played famous music guitar in the 1800’s. Similarly, Franz Schubert has used this instrument to produce some very famous work. In the contemporary era, the Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia has made guitar extremely popular by his melodies and work.

With popular and valuable guitars like the Breedlove guitars, it is very important to care for this instrument especially the acoustic guitars. Here are five ways how you can take care of your acoustic guitar.

Five ways how you can care about your acoustic guitar:

  • If you want your guitar to stay in top condition and give you the perfect sound for a long time, then there are certain very simple maintenance tips for your guitar.
  • Look for the right temperature all the time. Rapid fluctuation in the temperature is not suitable for your guitar. The temperature shouldn’t be too low or too high, either of them is damaging to the body of your guitar.
  • If your guitar is cracking, low humidity is the culprit. A humidifier can help in maintaining the sound level of humidity to prevent damages to your acoustic guitars.
  • Storing your guitar in a solid body case is very important if it’s not being aggressively used. Proper storage can help your Breedlove guitar stay away from dust, temperature issues as well as fluctuation in humidity.
  • If you want to keep your guitar in shape for a longer period, make sure when you touch it or play it, your hands are clean and chemical free. As sweat on your fingers and long nails can damage the strings of your guitar.

If you find guitar losing its sound or going out of tune, it is the time when you need to change the strings. This is the most important tip to take care of your guitar.


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