How To Teach Our Children Not To Be Racist?

The world is getting smaller and more diverse, and those create more and live among people of other cultures, religions and backgrounds. But is that always synonymous understanding? What can we do as parents for our children to escape from racist attitudes?

Generally, in humans, there is a tendency to be afraid of something new or different. This is an instinctive reaction, which is not produced in the same manner in all and in most cases is a protection against ignorance. So the first way to prevent racist attitudes is to show children the diversity and difference as natural and enriching.

It is unbelievable that with so many years of human history there is still racism. If we want our children to live in a better world, our duty as parents is to teach henceforth not be racist, and here we are going to do some practical advice.

How To Teach Our Children Not To Be Racist

Begins with You

To prevent our children are racists must start with us. The first school for a child is home, that is why it is very important that we avoid racist slogans at home. Let us as human beings to all, regardless of ethnicity come.

Avoid making offensive comments about people other than your own skin color. Enhances the greatness of the people for what they are, not because of their color or race.

Strengthens their Self-esteem

The self-esteem of a child is the most important, when our child feels who is worth and not by color or race, achieve feel much more confident. You will also learn not to feel sorry for the comments that may make other children (who have not learned to not be racist), but avoid them on others.

Encourage him to Live with All Children

Search a sports club or cultural activity that your little one likes, and encourage him to live with all children. Remember that our children are not born with the idea of racism on its head, it is society that sows the seeds of racism.

Keep in mind that in this case the moral discourse (what is right and what is wrong) will be insufficient. It must be accompanied by an intellectual reflection (within the possibilities according to the age of your child), stating the reasons why all human beings are equal, and as such must live with the formula of respect and tolerance.

In conclusion, to prevent our son is racist should instill in him tolerance, respect for self and others. If we educate our child with love, we will be taking the first step towards a society without racism.

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