How to Throw the Best Kid-Friendly Event

Some guest lists exclude the option to bring children, but this isn’t realistic in many cases. Making a party children-friendly is a way to ensure that everyone is included and no one has to struggle to find a sitter. Here are three tips to throwing a seamless children-friendly event where both adults and children will have a blast.

Think of Activities Beforehand… That Don’t Require Adult Help

This can really make or break your children and adult gathering. Keeping the children entertained and engaged, while not having to tend to them at every given moment, is essential. This can be done with so many activities. An idea is to create a “kids corner” that has a jungle theme or an ocean theme—something fun. Having stations for kids to craft, play and run around will bring them hours of joy and a successful event for you.

An example of an idea that will leave many positive memories for guests and their children is a circus theme. This has the opportunity to be a creative and cute theme that would be especially fun outdoors. Remember to pick activities that don’t require adult supervision. An idea is to have a craft table with clown and circus animal coloring books. Stay away from paint or glitter because those will be a pain to clean up and often require supervision.

For a super cute kid section, you could look into bouncy houses or ball pit rental. Attractions for kids such as fun rental games are sure to keep them entertained and leaving a glowing review. Having games and activities that multiple children can play at once is important. This will minimize fighting and potential “no, it’s MY turn” drama that often comes with kid parties.

If necessary, hire a baby sitter to watch over the kids while they play and help them with any questions. This will ensure that the event runs smoothly and someone is designated to keeping the kids company. This also gives the adult guests some peace of mind.

Mention a Dress Code in the Invitation

This is a way to let parents know how to prepare their kids for the event. A nicer dress code might give parents the push to give their kids an talk about being on their best behavior.  This especially is a good idea when the event is nicer, such as a wedding or rehearsal dinner. Parents have many websites to go to when looking for wedding guest dresses for them or their children before the event.

A dress code is good for the adults because they know what to expect and how to dress their children for the event as well. This is more necessary when an event is nicer.

Keep it Simple

If kids and adults are going to attend this event in harmony, you can’t have too many extravagant foods or glassware. If the event is fancier, have a kids table with nice plasticware for them to use. Also, don’t forget to keep easy snacks on hand in case the children want to snack, which is likely. Fruit snacks are good, low-maintenance treats.

Along with dining, keep the music simple. Create an upbeat, timeless soundtrack with appropriate songs for all ages. This will make the event feel more unified. Playlists are great to have on in the background at any event.

Don’t forget to just relax. Hosting an event can be stressful, especially when trying to make it kid-friendly and adult-friendly. Remember, “it isn’t a party until someone breaks a glass.”

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